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2 February 2021
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Top Tips for Building Divine Dens

Spending time outdoors with your child is beneficial to both you and them.  If you have a garden with trees or a nearby woodland, then I recommend building a den. Dens make perfect birdwatching hides for those who are keen on spotting our feathered friends. They provide shelters and basecamps for woodland walks or picnics in the woods. Building Dens offers a range of advantages to children of all ages.
18 April 2016
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The Importance of playing Dress Up

Dressing up in a variety of costumes is an important type of play that every child needs to have access to and experience. It is an important activity where they are using their limitless imaginations, building language and vocabulary skills and gaining confidence. Here are the benefits of playing with costumes.
17 July 2015
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Fabulous Kids book, Hetty Feather, now on stage!

We're Going to See Hetty Feather! Being big Jacqueline Wilson fans, we jumped at the chance to go and see and review the stage adaptation of Hetty Feather, one of my daughter's favourite trilogies by one of her favourite authors. In the Autumn of 2014, Random House published Jacqueline Wilson’s 100th book, Opal Plumstead. My daughter received, and thoroughly enjoyed, Opal Plumstead as her Christmas book ( we always do a book as a present) […]
15 April 2015, baby music, music for babies

How To Encourage Your Child To Love Music

A passion for music is something that everybody should have. There is such a vast array of musical styles out there that there is sure to be something for everybody. When you are a parent, you should introduce your child to the world of music. If, at first, it seems as though your little one does not like music at all, you should keep at it. Over time, they will start to adore particular songs […]
8 April 2015
teach your child to swim

6 Top tips that will help you teach your child to swim

Every child should learn to swim so that they are safe around water. If you have yet to teach your children the basic principles of
20 March 2015, solar eclipse

What Solar Eclipse?

Did you see the Solar Eclipse?  Like many, I spent the week chatting to my 3 children about the solar eclipse due to happen 20th March. We looked at information on the internet, spoke about the special glasses and other methods for looking at an eclipse and how rare it was… So we were rather excited going to sleep on Thursday night, hoping that our little spot of the UK would be clear blue skies […]
20 January 2015
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20 Ways to teach the letter D

We're really getting into our letters! This week, it is the letter D. I do hope you're enjoying using some of the ideas in my previous How to teach posts. I know my youngest is having a great time learning his letters. He even asks me when he can do the next one! As always, I promise a variety of ways to teach tis sound so am pretty sure you'll find at least one activity […]
13 January 2015
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Ways to teach the Letter M

We're mmmmotoring through the letters now.. see what I did there?  Here are some fun and easy ways to help your child to learn this letter. It is one of a series of posts about teaching various letters, so do have a look at the others for inspiration for more than just the letter m. Let's get started.
6 January 2015
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16 ways to teach the letter n

Learning letters can be a little boring for little people, so I have tried to put in as many fun ways to learn as possible. This week we are looking at the letter ‘n‘. I do hope you find something here that you can do with your child.
25 November 2014
teach letter i, learn to read, letter sounds

13 Ways to teach the Letter i

Teaching sounds and letters should be fun for both you and your child. Use art and crafts, physical activity and experiences to make the letter more real to your child. This post is about the letter ‘i' and how to enjoy teaching it to your child.
18 November 2014
learning to read, letter p,

17 Ways to teach the Letter P

Have some fun teaching your little one all, about the letter ‘p' with these fun activities. Forget about being formal and sitting around looking at letters..these activities are creative and will get you moving while you learn.
11 November 2014
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15 Ways to Teach the Letter A

Here are a few ideas that will help you teach the first letter of the alphabet.
6 November 2014
succeed at school, positive schooling

How to have a Positive School Experience

Positive School experience Sometimes it is difficult to know how to make school and going to school a more positive experience for your child. Having a positive experience of school is important for children. Important because they are in school for such a large amount of their days. Important because it affects their attitude to their work, the people at the school and the level of enjoyment. Studies find that having a positive school experience […]
4 November 2014
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15 ways to Teach the letter S

My littlest child has just started “Big School” and has started to learn his letters in preparation for reading and writing. Each week we are working on a new letter of the alphabet.
16 October 2014
AUtumn activities, sensory trays, autumn kids crafts and ideas

15 things to include in your Wonderfully Autumnal Sensory Tray

Sensory play is an invaluable part of high-quality early childhood learning.  A Sensory tray provides children with sensory materials which are used to enhance and stimulate their senses of touch, sight, taste, smell, and hearing. Using sensory materials gives children the opportunity for kinesthetic and self-directed play which encourages the development of: Fine and Gross motor skills – Children are able to improve and develop  their fine and gross motor skills through the manipulation of […]
22 April 2014
stgeorge | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

10 Fascinating Facts about St George’s Day

St George's Day is a time to celebrate the patron saint of England.  It's a super excuse to enjoy or learn about some of England's customs and traditions, and also to think about knights, castles, and dragons!
31 March 2014
How to make easter sensory tubs, sensory tubs, spring sensory tubs

How to Make an Easter Sensory Tub

Creating a sensory tub for different themes is a fabulous way to get your little one interested and learning about different special days, colours, textures, sizes, shapes and theme related objects.   Try to keep it simple, focusing on what the children are currently interested in – fitting things inside other things and filling and emptying.   Ideas of things to add to your Easter sensory tub    Use any size tray or container to […]
5 February 2014
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17 Superb Activities for 2-5 year olds

Toddlers and preschoolers need plenty of time to just run around and play – adventure playgrounds, parks and the beach are all great places for kids this age. If you don't have access to a safe outdoor space, perhaps look into local soft play areas. I know that some of our local ones offer discounts to children who attend during school hours and also advocate special rates to encourage parents to bring their child for […]
1 February 2014
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Do you READ to your children everyday?

A friend has recently told me about an organization whose mission it is to get adults reading to children at least 15 minutes each day. 
6 November 2013
Chatting, copying and your 2 year old, language development, learning to talk

Chatting, copying and your 2 year old

At each stage in a child's development, your role as a parent changes. The support, encouragement and type of interaction your child needs from you is constantly adapting as he grows. Things that were important at 1 may loose significance when he is 2. As a parent, you need to modify how you behave towards your child to meet these ever changing needs. Your 2 year old Chatter Words, words, words. 2 year old children […]
9 November 2012
Create a poster All About Me, ncourage a healthy self esteem

Create a poster All About Me

This is a great way for you to help your child to celebrate themselves. Children enjoy making and creating things about themselves. Children usually have a sense of pride in what they do and love showing that off. Here's a way for your child to record all that is special (or not) about themselves in an All About Me poster. With a few simple  materials you can create a lovely visual reminder for your child […]
7 November 2012
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7 Ways to Get Your Toddler Writing

Help your child to learn the significance of writing. What it represents and means. Writing is a series of symbols. Children are able to memorise and recognise letters as they do with pictures and objects. There are many ways in which this can be made part of their lives and normal day to day activities. A few simple household items and a few spare minutes are all you need to create a writing environment for […]
5 November 2012
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Nursery Rhymes: Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake

We have decided to do a series of activity and crafts articles to help you and your toddler make the most of the Nursery Rhymes we all know and love. Here we are looking at Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake. “Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man”, “Pat-a-cake”, “patty-cake” or “pattycake” is one of the oldest and most widely known surviving English Nursery Rhymes.
19 October 2012
literacy4 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

17 Top Tips for Creating a solid early Literacy foundation for ages 4+

Have you been wondering how to create or provide the opportunity for literacy development? Do you know that there are really simple and effective ways to do this in your own home? This article gives you tips and ideas which will enable you to do this.
30 September 2012
read2 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Teaching a Child to Read at an Early Age

Did you know that 38% of grade four students have reading abilities below the lowest basic level as determined by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)? The NAEP is the only ongoing survey of what students know and tracks their performance in various academic subjects for the United States. In their report, the NAEP found that 38% of grade four students had reading achievement below basic levels, with a basic level reading score being […]
25 September 2012
lettersounds | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

How to Teach Letter Names and Sounds

  So, you want to teach your child to read, but before a child can learn to read, he or she must first learn at least some of the letters in the alphabet, their names, and the sounds that they represent. To be able to read, a child must be able to recognize the letters, know the sound of the letters, and be able to recognize the letters quickly and say the sound without hesitation.  […]
20 September 2012
phonics | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Teaching Phonics to Children

Phonics is a necessary part of any good method of teaching children to read. Teaching Children phonics and helping them develop phonemic awareness is the key to mastering words, which is the first key step toward successful reading. Children need to develop a knowledge of the letters, the sounds represented by the letters, and the connection between sounds created by combining the letters where words are formed. This is an essential part of mastering reading, […]
15 September 2012
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3 Tips to Teach Your Child How to Read

Learning to read at a young age is important for the development of the child. It helps them develop a better understand of their surroundings, allows them to gather information from printed materials, and provides them with a wonderful source of entertainment when they read stories and rhymes. Children develop at different rates, and some children will develop reading skills quicker than other children; however, what's important is that as the parent, you are keenly […]
11 September 2012
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How Early Reading Influences Later School Performance

Do you know what's wrong with our children today? The problem is that the powerful brains of our healthy children are rarely challenged by complicated thoughts. Instead, they're further dulled by television and video games. By teaching children to read early, you open up an entire new world of learning and imagination for them. It enriches intellectual stimulation and provides access to new and rich sources of information. The bottom line is that learning to read […]
10 September 2012
readingclever | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Does Reading Make Children Clever?

In our world, there have been some exceptionally brilliant minds, and many of these individuals learned to read at a young age, usually by 3 years old.  Here are a few examples:
29 September 2011
autumn bunting, autumnal decoration, thanksgiving decoration, autumn crafts

Easy Autumn Leaf Bunting

Autumn is a lovely transitional time of year when the fresh colours of summer give way to all things red, orange, golden and brown. I adore how the landscape changes and how the leaves glow in the sunlight. Decorating for autumn (or Fall for those readers in the US) can give your home a warm and cosy feeling just as the nights draw in and the weather chills. It is also the time when we […]
28 January 2011
making reading fun

8 Tips for Making Reading Fun for Children

Little children love books… so take advantage of their natural interest and get them into the habit of reading . Here's a quick guide to getting them started.
27 January 2011
encourage read | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Encouraging Your Child to Read

Little children love books… so take advantage of their natural interest and get them into the habit of reading . Here's a quick guide to getting them started.
11 November 2010
rain Poems, weather poems,

Rainy Day poems

Now that the rain keeps falling, I thought you may like to learn some fun and funny poems about rain with your toddler RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY Mother Goose  Rain, rain, go away, Come again some other day, Little Johnny wants to play.  Rain, rain, go to Spain, Never show your face again I'm waiting for a rainbow I'm waiting for a rainbow I'm waiting for the sun.  I'm waiting for the rain to stop. […]
10 August 2010

How to make Personalised postcards

Going away on holiday? Before you leave, get out the paints and get messy. Make these lovely postcards to send to friends and family far and near. Postcards Age group: 1 year+ What you need: Large piece of plain card (or cheat and buy ready cut plain postcards) paints sponges, brushes or fingers scissors or paper trimmer What to do: Have your toddler decorate the entire sheet of cardboard with patterns created through sponging, fingers […]
20 July 2010
numbers | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

How to teach Numbers and Counting

Have you ever wondered how to go about helping your child get to grips with the basics of numeracy? Here I cover some ideas for teaching your child about number and early stages of mathematics.
17 July 2010
literacy activities, helping children language develop

19 ideas to help develop Literacy in 0-4 year olds

Simply talking, singing, playing sound and word games, reading, writing and drawing with your child are easy ways to build a firm literacy foundation. Your usual everyday activities, like going to the shop or library, as well as those special treats –like museum or zoo trips – all provide opportunities to develop literacy.
15 April 2010
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How do you celebrate Earth Day?

What better way is there to get your little ones thinking about our planet than by filling a week with activities about it. We have put together some practical ideas to help you teach your toddlers about looking after the environment.  Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment and is held on April 22 each year.  It is similar to World Environment Day. Earth Day falls during spring in […]
9 April 2010

Humpty Dumpty

Nursery Rhymes series: We have decided to do a series of activity and crafts articles to help you and your toddler make the most of the Nursery Rhymes we all know and love. Here we are looking at Humpty Dumpty.
1 April 2010
10 Sheep activities for kids, baa baa black sheep, mary had a little lamb, little bo peep, spring lambs, sheep

10 Sheep-themed Things to Make and Do

Nursery Rhymes Series Part 3: We have decided to do a series of activity and crafts articles to help you and your toddler make the most of the Nursery Rhymes we all know and love. Here we are looking at the three most common rhymes about sheep:  Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Little Bo Peep.
24 March 2010
springeaster | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

12 Awesome Songs for Spring and Easter

Music is present in many areas of our daily lives. From live musical scores in theatre to television, mainstream movies, a celebration of worship through song, special holiday and celebration songs, and a variety of ceremonial services, singing and music play a significant role in our culture. In our homes, music can become part of our family—a natural part of our daily interactions and lives.
28 February 2010
180px Flag of Saint David.svg | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

St David’s Day- March 1st

Saint David's Day  is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and falls on 1 March each year.
25 February 2010
schoolboy is sitting on books | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Recommended Books for under 4’s

To give you a hint about what books are available for toddlers, I have searched through recommended lists and asked some mums for their toddlers favourites. This is what we came up with:
21 February 2010
jovem leitor | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

7 Reasons to Read

In modern times, with the invention of television, DVDs, games consoles, computers and other visual media, books have taken a less prominant role in our lives. So why is it still necessary to read with children?
19 February 2010
CBR003807 LoRes | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

How to Encourage Reading in Children

How do you know what types of books to choose for your baby or toddler? What can you do to encourage and foster a love of reading? Below I discuss how you can choose the right books, activities that encourage reading and family fun ideas that everyone will enjoy whilst making reading a focus. 
17 February 2010
child and books 1388082798Udj | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

The Importance of Storytime

Most babies and toddlers love books. They are often funny, bright and colourful, with loveable characters. But there are many reasons to read books that are less obvious. Take advantage of these less obvious reasons for reading to them.
2 January 2010
magnet illustration | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Magnetic fun

Children of all ages love magnets. They are easy to come by and there are some really cheap varieties in office supply stores. You don't need fancy shapes or colours.
1 January 2010

Shaving Cream Art

Did you know that all you need to keep you toddler smiling is a can of shaving foam? Try this activity for lots of messy fun.
30 December 2009
moon and stars with midnight sky | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Nursery Rhymes series Part 1: We have decided to do a series of activity and crafts articles to help you and your toddler make the most of the Nursery Rhymes we all know and love. Here we are looking at Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
29 December 2009

Make Fake Cupcakes

Here's a fun and colourful way to make fake cupcakes. We made them to go with our Pat-a-cake nursery rhyme theme so that we could display them in our pretend bakery and serve them to our ‘customers'.
12 November 2009
language development

Guaranteed Tip for Developing Your Child’s Language

Babies and toddlers learn to talk by listening. The more words they are exposed to, the quicker they learn to talk. Daily exposure to words helps the brain to develop. Now I don't mean watching television or listening to the radio or other mediums. By exposure I mean, listening to a real person, one who is engaged with the child.
10 November 2009
baby and doll 871294933047wfB | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

How To Teach Your Baby Sign Language

How To Teach Your Baby Sign Language by: Nicole Dean The word is spreading. Sign language is a great way to communicate with pre-verbal babies and toddler. New moms everywhere are grabbing American Sign Language books and absorbing them feverishly. Pregnancy classes are full of moms teaching each other basic sign language and day care centers across the country are training their teachers in sign language.
22 October 2009
spider and spiderweb | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Incy Wincy Spider & Little Miss Muffet

Nursery Rhymes Series Part 1: We have decided to do a series of activity and crafts articles to help you and your toddler make the most of the Nursery Rhymes we all know and love. Here we are looking at two that refer to spiders: Incy Wincy Spider and Little Miss Muffet.
22 October 2009
spidersong | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Spider Sing-along Songs

Get a little silly with these Spidery Songs. They are sung to the tunes of well known songs so they should be easy for your toddler to learn!
22 October 2009
spiderwebs | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

6 Sorts of Spiderwebs

Have some fun with Spiders. Enjoy creating these  webs with your little one.
20 October 2009

This is the Way We…

This is a very cute action song for even your youngest pre-schooler.
20 October 2009
CHA60027 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

The Leaves on the Trees…

Use your toddler's favourite songs and change the words to an autumn theme. These are from a toddler group we attend…
20 October 2009
yellow autumn | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Autumn leaves are falling down…

Get your little ones up and moving with this harvest song sung to the tune of London Bridge. Age group: 1 year + What you need: Gather clean dry leaves (you could use fabric leaves if you prefer) and bring them inside in a large space. Give a few of the children  small brooms or plastic rakes What to do: If you have lots of children to participate in the activity, get them into a circle shape and […]
16 October 2009

11 Ideas and Activities for Diwali

During October, many people will celebrate the Indian holiday of Diwali. This is the celebration of the victory of good over evil; the uplifting of spiritual darkness. Diwali is becoming a well known and popular festival in Britain and non-Indians also join in the festivities. Here are some ideas for those who wish to join in! In  Britain, Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm and  in a similar way to as it is in India. […]
15 August 2009
2530 12731297370BKS | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Playing Pretend

Toddlers love to play dress up and let's pretend. My daughter is currently very much into pretending to be a nurse. This activity is a good way to teach your child about the role of doctors and nurses and also to build their confidence for times when they may have to see one. Use the tips which follow to let your toddlers imagination go …
9 August 2009

Golden Oldie Nursery Rhymes

There are so many wonderful nursery rhymes that we thought we would help you along with some of the old original words. Remember, they can also be turned into a singing session with your toddlers or even used for pretend play acting.
10 January 2009
The Importance of Play

The Importance of Play

Before They Even Go To School, Kids Learn a Lot of Skills from the World of Play For children, play is naturally enjoyable. And since it is their active engagement in things that interest them, play should be child-led, or at least child-inspired, for it to remain relevant and meaningful to them. Children at play are happily lost in themselves; they are in their own realm of wonder, exploration, and adventure, pulling parents in at […]