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11 June 2015

25 Fun and Easy uses for Balloons

Ideas for using Balloons… (other than simply blowing them up).  Here are some fun things to do with and make out of balloons.
7 March 2015
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6 Clever Ways to Organise a Budget Birthday Party For Kids

We all want to spoil and treat our children on their birthdays but sometimes it's not always possible. If money is tight and your child’s birthday is on the way, don’t panic. There are plenty of ways you can throw your little one a fantastic party on a budget. Remember, cutting down on birthday party spending, does not have to mean cutting down on the fun for the big day.
4 March 2015
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How To Throw a Fabulous Gruffalo Party

I've never met anyone who does not like or love the children's book The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. It has been a  favourite in our home for the last 8 years and my three never tire of hearing it over and over. I think I have read it so often as both a parent and a teacher that I can recite it verbatim. I love a themed party so when my eldest son turned 4, […]
28 February 2015
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How to Make a Gruffalo Cake

How to make a Gruffalo cake My son wanted a Gruffalo cake for his 4th birthday. It was such fun to make and far easier than I expected! It was a perfect addition to his Gruffalo themed party. I baked a dome shaped cake in a rounded cake tin and 3 small circle layers. Using vanilla butter cream, I sandwiched the layers together. I used a regular sponge cake recipe, but any dense cake (easier […]
23 February 2015, superhero party

Superhero Party Food, Drinks and Cake Ideas

Superhero Party Food Ideas Superhero party planning is such fun. I had a great time coming up with food themed for the day and found it a great help to use a ready made party pack to help label and decorate the food and drinks I had on offer. I purchased a rather lovely  superhero pack . It has printable and customisable invitations and other items. The superhero party pack included: Invitation 5×7”,2“ Party Circles (Cupcake […]
23 February 2015, superhero party

Marvelous Superhero Party Games and Decorations

What little guy doesn't enjoy playing dress up as a superhero? When my son was almost 5, he informed me that he wanted a superhero dress up party for his birthday. I loved the idea and got quite excited about preparing the activities and games as well as the party props.
21 February 2015
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How to throw a very “Mad” Alice in Wonderland Party

A great theme!  When my daughter turned 7, she wanted a Mad Hatter's Tea Party or Alice in Wonderland party. She had recently watched the film and read the book and I suggested it would be fun to have a  tea party.
24 January 2015
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How to throw a Teddy Bears picnic birthday party

When my daughter turned 3, we decided to have a Teddy Bear's Picnic party. She has loved her bear since very young and it just seemed a really cute and simple idea for her.
31 December 2014
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Celebration Ideas for New Year Children’s activities

As a child I always thought staying up late and going out on New Year was so exciting and cool. Then as a child-free young adult I got to go to all those parties and celebrations and they were as fabulous as I imagined. Then along came the kids… Have you tried to find babysitters for New Years? have you seen how much it costs? Have you tried dragging along tired children  to a New […]
24 December 2014
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A Christmas Eve visit from the Pajama Elves

Well, Christmas eve arrived and was the usual flurry of activity. We attended the Crib service at church and then had our annual Christmas Eve concert at home with friends and family.
23 December 2014
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Easy Kids Christmas Party Ideas

This festive season my children were invited to a Kids Christmas party at their cousins. Ages ranged from 6 month old twins to my almost 9 year old daughter. Ages 2,4 and 6 were covered by the 4 boys between. That's 6 boys and one girl! Christmas Party Ideas My cousin arranged the event, I just had to show up and help out. Bonus! These are some of the lovely Christmas party ideas we enjoyed […]
18 December 2014
IMG 4171 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Let’s pretend to be Elves

The adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf  Day 18 3 Little Pretend Elves During the night , Jingle crept into my boys bedroom. They had chosen to sleep together on the bottom bunk, as they often do, so he made himself comfortable on the top bunk to watch them sleeping. When they found him, his note said that he wanted to play pretend at being elves and that he had hidden 3 elf hats for […]
17 December 2014
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It’s all about the jellybeans

The Adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf, day 17 Jellybeans for breakfast anyone? We were led on a bit of a hunt this morning by a series of messages Jingle had left on our mini whiteboards. As we came down the stairs , this is what we saw. It didn't take them long to find him sitting on the window sill behind the Christmas tree. Looking in all around the lounge, we struggled to find […]
16 December 2014
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Our Special Letter to Santa

The Adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf Day 16 A letter to Santa Jingle thought it about time we wrote our letter to Santa. So when we found him this morning he had writing sets for each child. Each set contains 2 sheets of paper, a pre-addressed envelope, a pencil with a Christmas eraser and a sheet of stickers. As you can see it has already got the Dear Santa and the love from part […]
13 December 2014
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Enjoying an Indoor Snowball fight

The Adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf Day 13 Indoor Snowball Fight! Jingle was found sitting behind a huge pile of Snowballs in our lounge. The snowballs were soft, white and a little bit sparkly, in fact there was glitter lightly sprinkled on the carpet. These Snowballs were the perfect size to throw-slightly smaller than a tennis ball. He said he had brought these magical-never-melting-soft-safe-to-throw-inside snowballs from the North Pole and told us to share […]
12 December 2014
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Fancy a Christmas Hat?

The Adventures of Jingle , Our Christmas Elf Day 12 Today Jingle was found sitting on the windowsill in the kitchen  inside a sleigh ornament. He had put Christmas hat chair covers onto the 5 chairs and left 3 super shiny Christmas party hats and a pack of Christmas stickers on the table. He invited us to decorate and personalise our party hats using the stickers. It was a lovely start to the morning and […]
11 December 2014
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Jingle’s Tips for staying on the Nice List

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 11 How to stay on the NICE LIST At almost the half way mark, Jingle decided to remind us of some ways we can stay on the nice list. Let's hope the children try hard to stick to these hints… 😉 We had a little chat about what we could do to show we are following those hints and this is what the children said: Be Good: […]
10 December 2014
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Reading Pajama Elves

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf,  Day 10 Wow! I can't believe it's already the 10th of December! I am embarrassed to confess I have done absolutely no Christmas shopping at all! yikes! I wonder if we can skip that bit this year? Think anyone would mind?? Anyhow, today Jingle was found sitting on the coffee table with all our nativity scene characters in a semi circle at his feet. He was reading to […]
9 December 2014
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Riding the ShoeShoe Train

The adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf, Day 9 This morning Jingle made, what he called a ShoeShoe Train. This is essentially a row of shoes lined up and filled with “passengers”. He had rolled out a piece of wide Christmas ribbon to make a track for him and his fellow passengers in front of the Christmas tree. He lined up a random selection of my children's shoes along the ribbon and in each of […]
8 December 2014
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6 Reasons why we love our Christmas tree

Jingle, our elf visitor, played it lo-key after his busy weekend and was found sitting at the top of our newly trimmed Christmas tree this morning.  So instead of writing about Jingle today, I'm hijacking this post to talk about Christmas trees! My 6 reasons include Family togetherness The search for the perfect tree is one of our favourite family outings. We all get dressed up in our Christmas jumpers, wellie boots and Santa hats […]
7 December 2014
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Hot Chocolate, Cake and Christmas trees

The Adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf, Day 7 You know that cosy place when you're dozing all warm in bed somewhere between awake and asleep? Well that is where I was when I heard the excited yelling and calls of “Mum, come and seeeee!!! Come and look what Jingle has done!” I grabbed the camera (I'm known as the “Mama”razzi -as opposed to “Papa”razzi- by friends and family) and followed the sounds of excitement. […]
6 December 2014
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Baby it’s Frozen outside!

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 6 Jingle was really sweet this morning. It was a really, extremely cold night and I guess he was too cold to stay downstairs on his own. Poor little guy! Just to give you an idea of how cold it was: we took this pictures at 11am. It was still really icy and frosted over outdoors.  Sometime during the night,  he crept into my daughters room (look […]
5 December 2014
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Jingle organised a Treasure Hunt

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 5 Jingle was hanging off the mantel holding onto a silver coin and holding onto a candle when we found him. We think he was about to hide the last coin when he heard us coming and froze. He looks really uncomfortable! We hope he moves  while we are at school! Today Jingle invited us to go on a treasure hunt around the house looking for Silver […]
3 December 2014
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Toilet Paper and Elf Mischief

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas elf, Day 3 Bright and early I hear a shout. “There's toilet paper everywhere! It's going down the stairs!” and then “Mom! Come see what Jingle did!” Our elf, Jingle had hopped into a roll of festive toilet paper (yes, I like to have reminders of Christmas, ahem, everywhere!) and had rolled down the stairs.  The children thought this was really funny, but were concerned about him having to […]
2 December 2014
20141201 221344 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

An Elf and a Gingerbread House

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 2 I had forgotten that Jingles visits mean early morning wake ups! Our usual house rule is stay in your room or even better your bed until 7am. My children are really good about abiding by this rule and often they won't come through to our room til around 7:15 at the earliest..later (on the weekends) if we are lucky. BUT with our elf, Jingle Glitterbottom's arrival, […]
1 December 2014
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Our Christmas Elf has arrived!

The Adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 1 It's the first day of December and things are starting to get Christmassy over here. We arrived home from school to find that our Christmas elf, Jingle Glitterbottom had arrived for his annual December visit! As we drove up to the house, my daughter spotted something hanging from the front door… Look at the joy and excitement on their little faces! When we got inside, this […]
22 November 2014
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What Makes a Great Kids party?

Throwing a party for a group of  children can be a daunting experience. This article highlights the do’s and don’t of throwing a birthday party for young children The whole children's birthday party process can be just as easy or as complicated as you're willing to make it. Just remember a few simple rules for planning a children's birthday party.
13 November 2014
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A First Birthday Fairy Party

All about a fairy party This was my daughter's First birthday party. I wanted to do a really girly theme and settled on fairies as I found some sweet fairy party accessories online. I had found a really cute white and pink fairy dress with mini wings attached to the back too. It was so sweet I just had to put her in it with pink tights and white and pink and silver shoo shoo […]
10 November 2014
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15 ‘No chocolate’ advent calendar ideas

15 child friendly advent calendar ideas Advent calendars can be any sort of count down you wish. Many people opt for the simple store bought chocolate calendars, but what if your little one has an allergy? Or if you just don't enjoy chocolates? Here is a round up of advent calendars that don't have chocolate. Wrap a small Christmas themed book up and number the wrapping per day Fill small boxes with sweets or […]
8 November 2014
North Pole Breakfast Ideas, elf on the shelf, Christmas elf

Decor and menu Ideas for your North Pole Breakfast

North Pole Breakfast A wonderful part of the Christmas Elf tradition is to have a North Pole breakfast . This is usually the first of December or the first weekend in December although many choose to have it even earlier if their elf arrives sooner in the year. Our family elf likes to appear during the night the Christmas tree is put up and decorated so the North Pole breakfast is the next day and […]
2 November 2014
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How to make an easy Halloween Trick or Treat bag

  Spending on a trick-or-treat bag to collect your Halloween treats can often feel like a waste of money. If you have not already got reusable buckets or fabric trick-or-treat bags and are out of  time to head  to the shops, you can try this  fun activity instead. You'll be encouraging your children to be environmentally friendly by  recycling, reducing , and reusing.
31 October 2014
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How to Organise a Family Movie Night

Family Movie night can be such fun! Snuggling up on the couch in front of a warm fire and munching on popcorn and snacks is a fabulous way to spend cold, dark, wintery evenings. Once a month is a good frequency to aim for and makes it special as it is not a common occurrence. How to organise your Family Movie Night 1. Choose the theme: Animated Scary movies Adventure Comedy Animal 2. Choose the […]
29 October 2014
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Fantastic Face Paint Gallery with recipes!

13 Fantastic Face Paint ideas Gallery Does your child like having their face painted? Mine do. So much so that whenever we go to any festivals and fairs we end up standing for ages in the queue waiting for our turn to get painted. This annoyed me, as did the price tag at times that I decided to invest in a few packs of good quality face paint to keep at home. Now we paint […]
26 October 2014
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18 Halloween Dress Up Costume Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your children's Halloween costumes? Take a look at our picture gallery. These are my three kid's costumes from the last 8 years. I always go for whatever is quick, easy and the cheapest costumes we can find or create. As you can see my girl likes to be a witch or zombie but my boys change their ideas often. We have black cats, ninja, pirate, princess, zombies, mummies, vampires, Dracula, […]
2 October 2014
30 top tips for elf activities, Christmas elf, elf on the shelf

30 Top tips for fun Christmas Elf Antics

I'm always looking for ways to create childhood magic for my children. I like to keep the fun, laughter, and silliness of being young alive for as long as possible, and inviting a Christmas Elf into our home for some pre-Christmas fun and games seemed the perfect way to do this.
3 April 2014
6 Helpful Birthday Present Ideas

6 Helpful Birthday Present Ideas

Whilst chatting to readers on social media, one of the mums, whose child has recently started school asked this question. I am now a mom to a son who goes to school and he has received a birthday invite.  This would be my first party that I don't know the kid or parents. What do I buy the child??  ~Anon I too have been a little anxious about this. I have 3 children and have […]
17 March 2014
Minion Party bags and food ideas, despicable me party, minion party, party food, party favors,

19 Despicable Minion Party Bag and Food Ideas

My older boy just turned 6 and for his special day he wanted a Minion Party based on the Minions from the movie Despicable Me. Here are some ideas to use when planning party bags and food for your One in  Minion party.  Tank Yu! Minion Party bag treats and favours: To make your minion party bag, take a hint from their colour. Use yellow or blue paper bags or party boxes and stick minion […]
16 March 2014
Minion party decoration, despicable me party,

5 No Fuss Minion Party Decoration Ideas

My son recently had a birthday and for his special day he wanted a Minion Party based on the Minions from the movie Despicable Me. Here are some decorating ideas to use when planning your One in  Minion party.  I've included some PDF printables for you to download and use for your little person.
15 March 2014
IMG 88531 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Minion Party Games Ideas

My gorgeous middle child just turned 6 and for his special day he wanted a Minion Party based on the Minions from the movie Despicable Me. Here are some ideas to use when planning your One in a Minion party. We did some of these activities but not all, I've included all the ideas I found when organising the party so that you have a  wider selection to choose from, Tank Yu!
5 February 2014
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How to make Paper Love Hearts

It can't get simpler than this. A paper heart for any occasion from Valentines Day to just a everyday show of love, this love heart is sure to please the recipient. Age group: 9months + How to make love hearts What you need: Paper or card (coloured or plain) Tissue/crepe paper (tear and scrunch or roll into balls) glue (PVA is good) glitter What you do: Cut out a paper or card heart shape. Cover […]
10 December 2013
Christmas party ideas

15 Fun Christmas Eve party ideas

When you have small children, it can be difficult to create a fun and child appropriate Christmas eve celebration. Make Christmas eve a special and entertaining one for the whole family by trying out some of these simple Christmas Eve party ideas. From gingerbread houses, to story time and movies, there is something on this list for everyone. Why not pick a few for your Christmas eve party this year? We like to start our […]
20 November 2013
fruit cocktail salad | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Fruit Cocktail Christmas Cake

Now this one really is made for an emergency at Christmas – when all your guests have gobbled up the other cakes and biscuits.  You may also prefer this as it has a much lighter texture than a traditional Christmas Cake. How to make this Christmas Cake Ingredients: 2 cups of flour 2 cups of sugar 2 teaspoons of baking soda 1 teaspoon of salt 1 lg. (3 1/2 c.) can of fruit cocktail 2 […]
1 January 2013
PicMonkey Collage | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

How to Make the Joy of Christmas last

After the excitement of unwrapping all those gifts on Christmas morning, how can you make the thrill of  all those new items last? Organising your Christmas toys This article explores the different ways in which you can organise your child's toys so that they never get bored of them.Decide what categories you would like to divide the toys into. Some of the categories I have organised my children's toys into include: By toy type: lego, […]
5 December 2012
xmasmean | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Do You Know the Meaning of Christmas…?

Ever wondered what all the decorations mean and why we use them to decorate our homes at Christmas? Here are some of the more common symbols of Christmas and why they are used…  The Meaning of Christmas Star: A heavenly signs of prophecy fulfilled long, long ago. From the biblical story of Christmas. A symbol of the star the wise men/kings followed. Colour Red: Symbolizing that Saviour’s sacrifice for all when he dies on the cross. Fir Tree: Evergreen- […]
19 October 2012
famtrad | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

What are your Family Christmas Traditions?

A friend recently had a Facebook status asking for ideas about starting Christmas traditions with her 2 year old son. So I literally spewed all my family traditions into her post and then thought that it was a good idea to write them  in a post for all of you.  Traditions for the month of December Buy a few Christmas themed stories (or borrow from your local library) and snuggle up each night to enjoy […]
29 September 2011
autumn bunting, autumnal decoration, thanksgiving decoration, autumn crafts

Easy Autumn Leaf Bunting

Autumn is a lovely transitional time of year when the fresh colours of summer give way to all things red, orange, golden and brown. I adore how the landscape changes and how the leaves glow in the sunlight. Decorating for autumn (or Fall for those readers in the US) can give your home a warm and cosy feeling just as the nights draw in and the weather chills. It is also the time when we […]
26 January 2011

Australia Day – 26th January

What is Australia Day about? Australia Day, celebrated on the 26 January, is the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet of 11 convict ships from Great Britain. It also marks the  the raising of the Union Jack at Sydney Cove by its commander Captain Arthur Phillip, in 1788.
19 December 2010
xmascelebrate | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

5 Tips on How to have a stylish Christmas!

Christmas can be a stressful time for those who are hosting or organising a Christmas event. One of the things that should be fun, it styling your home for Christmas. I love transforming my home for the festive season. Everyone wants a stylish Christmas! Make your celebrations sparkle and less stressful with our inspiring tips and ideas.   Choose a colour scheme. Kids love colours and getting them interested in all aspects of the celebrations […]
17 December 2010
Quick Christmas Fruitcake

Quick Christmas Fruitcake

This is a really Quick Christmas Fruitcake for all of us who are rushed off our feet and haven't found the time to do the Traditional “thing” — or couldn't be bothered with the tons of ingredients that go in to the traditional cake. What you need: 1 cup unblanched almonds 3 apples, peeled and thinly sliced 3/4 cup butter, softened 1 cup brown sugar 4 eggs 3 cups cake flour 2 tsp. ground cinnamon […]
16 December 2010

Festive Egg Nog Recipe

I suppose this one is really for the grownups — although you could substitute brandy essence for the real thing!  Egg Nog Recipe What you need: 6 large eggs, separated 150 g sugar or sugar substitute (like Xylitol) 250 ml rum 1 litre 100% cream milk 250 ml fresh cream 125 ml brandy What to do: Beat the egg yolks and sugar together well. Gradually beat in the rum and milk. Fold in stiffly beaten […]
12 December 2010
Brilliant Brownies in a Jar, chocolate recipes, brownie recipe, homemade gifts

Brilliant Brownies in a Jar

For all chocolate lovers and reluctant bakers…this brownie mix is such a lovely gift to give at Christmas! Spend a little time layering the ingredients so that they look attractive through the glass of your jar and then decorate the jar to suit the occasion. At Christmas time, I like to dress up my brownies jar with festive fabric or paper lid covers and a bit of raffia, coloured ropes or strings or sumptuous ribbons […]
11 December 2010
shortbread | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Scottish Shortbread Mix in a Jar

What would Christmas be without some genuine Scottish Shortbread to nibble on? Here is a delicious and simple shortbread mix to prepare in advance for your own home baking or to give as gifts this Christmas! Scottish Shortbread Mix What you need: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup powdered sugar (caster sugar) 1/4 tsp. salt Clean, DRY, airtight gift jar, big enough to fit the ingredients above. Christmas tag or label for instructions. Ribbons, […]
11 December 2010
mincepie | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Easy Toddler Mince Pies

I love baking with my children. Measuring and weighing, chopping, mixing and decorating our home bakes make for a fun and educational activity. It also gives us special time. We are totally focused on our activity and each other. We chat more, laugh together and learn together. Having your children enjoy creating in the kitchen is also an important life skill. I realise that one can cope just fine without mince pies, but I'm talking […]
10 December 2010
hotchoc | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Rich Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar

This yummy chocolate is just what is needed for the cold winter days.  Make a jar ahead of time to for your family to enjoy, or as a special treat for visitors. It also makes a super simple and tasty gift for teachers, neighbours or impromptu guests. Attach some mini marshmallows or other small chocolates to the jar too and make it an even more perfect present!   Hot Chocolate mix What you need: 8 […]
9 December 2010
bathsalts | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

How to make Bath Salts in-a-Jar gifts

Here's a great gift for those Moms who did so much cooking, baking and decorating for Christmas.  A wonderful way to relax after all the guests have gone home. 1. Coloured Bath Salts What you need: 1 cup Epsom salts 1/4 cup kosher salt or sea salt (Note: you may substitute cornstarch or baking soda for the kosher salt.) Food colouring Fragrance oils such as aromatherapy essential oils – Rose, patchouli, sandalwood, etc. (optional) Clean and […]
7 December 2010
Christmas gift in a jar, homemade christmas gifts,

How to Make homemade Christmas presents

Making beautiful Christmas Gift in a Jar presents is fun, inexpensive and very unique. The kids (of all ages) can really get involved with this and make Christmas giving even more personal and special. Gift in a Jar mixes can be made using almost any type of basic recipe.  Depending on the type and quantity of the mix, you could even use colourful coffee mugs, wide-necked bottles, etc.   It goes without saying that whatever […]
6 December 2010
Stuffing recipe, fruity stuffing

A Christmas Stuffing…with a difference

Fruity Apple Raisin Christmas Stuffing 3/4 cup of minced onion 1 1/2 cups of chopped celery 1 cup of butter 7 cups of soft bread cubes 1 tablespoon of salt 3 cups of finely chopped apples 3/4 cup of raisins 1 1/2 teaspoons of crushed sage leaves 1 teaspoon of thyme leaves 1/2 teaspoon of pepper In large pot, cook and stir onion and celery in butter until onion is tender. Stir in about 1/3 […]
11 November 2010
rain Poems, weather poems,

Rainy Day poems

Now that the rain keeps falling, I thought you may like to learn some fun and funny poems about rain with your toddler RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY Mother Goose  Rain, rain, go away, Come again some other day, Little Johnny wants to play.  Rain, rain, go to Spain, Never show your face again I'm waiting for a rainbow I'm waiting for a rainbow I'm waiting for the sun.  I'm waiting for the rain to stop. […]
20 October 2010
safe halloween | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Halloween Safety Tips

Good ideas – to which I have added my own points. Combine dressing up in costumes with free candy and you create a kid friendly holiday! Although Halloween is a favorite holiday for children it does come with it's own unique dangers that all parents and caregivers should be mindful of. With a few basic Halloween safety measures your family can have a fun and safe celebration!   Make Halloween Costumes SAFE to wear To […]
4 June 2010

Cheerful Desk Tidy

Every office needs a funky and functional desk tidy. Make this for your home office or as a gift for your desk at work. using a few readily available supplies, this project is sure to delight whoever is on the receiving end… Age group: 2 years + What you need: A thick piece of cardboard Paints (in as many or few colours as you want) PVA Glue Plate (to use as a template for the […]
21 April 2010
Warm Chocolate Chip Muffins, muffin recipe, chocolate recipe

Incredible Chocolate Chip Muffins

This recipe makes around 12 delicious muffins so you will probably need to double it to keep everyone happy. Why not use it to make Muffin baskets for friends and family this Easter! What you need: 2 cups plain flour 1/2 cup white sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup milk 1/3 cup vegetable oil 1 egg 3/4 cup chocolate chips 3 tablespoons white sugar 2 tablespoons brown sugar What to do: Heat […]
3 April 2010

Gampa Bruce’s Chocolate Mousse

This quick recipe works like a charm and tastes fabulous! It is alcohol and egg free and yet is deceptively simple to make. It is sure to get you many compliments!
20 March 2010

Potato Print Easter chicks

These adorable chicks are a great way to celebrate Springtime.
19 March 2010

Easter Crowns

You've heard of Easter Bonnets…well here is a fun and fresh alternative. Using card and a little glue and celotape, you could soon be the best dressed at your Easter parade.
15 March 2010
3 Shamrock crafts for St Patrick's Day,

6 Easy St Patrick’s Day and Shamrock crafts

St. Patrick’s Day remembers the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. This public holiday has grown into a celebration of Irish culture with parades, special Irish foods, merry music, dancing displays, drinking and a  lot of green decorations. In this article you'll discover 3 shamrock themed crafts, and 3 recipes for St Patrick's Day themed food to enjoy. Make the most of the rainbow, pot of gold and shamrock images to create […]
15 February 2010
russian pancakes | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Yummy Pancake fillings

Here are some pancake fillings to try this Pancake Tuesday. From savoury to sweet, I am sure you will find some to make your pancake day especially yummy.
15 February 2010

Ideas for Pancake Day

Here are some rhymes and songs to use on pancake day. As well as other fun activities for your toddler to enjoy.
14 February 2010, pancake day

Pancake Day

It's nearly pancake Day, so with that in mind, we have put together some fabulous pancake recipes that can be enjoyed for breakfast lunch or dinner…as starters, main meals or desserts. Take some time to prepare the batter together and let your toddler be involved. Here is a great and easy recipe for pancakes that will suit both savoury and sweet fillings and sauces. What you need: 225g (8oz) plain flour 2 large eggs oil […]
13 February 2010

Light & Fluffy Pancakes

Why are these so light and fluffy? It’s the whipped egg whites. Beat the egg whites as you would for meringues and fold them into the batter.
8 February 2010
DSC00004 5 250x187 1 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

I {Heart} You person

Here is a really quick and easy way to make a cute Heart-shaped person.
8 February 2010

“I Love You” Day cookies

Here's a really sweet way to say “I love you”. Make Heart-shaped cookies using a simple sugar cookie recipe.
31 December 2009

Party Time Bunting

Thinking of having a party? Here is a simple, effective way to brighten up any venue no matter what size or shape it is..These are even great outdoors.
13 December 2009

Ping Pong Ball Bauble

Ping pong balls are easily available, lightweight and the perfect size to be transformed into baubles for your tree. Take a look at our ideas for a variety of pretty baubles to make.
5 December 2009

Using hand prints to make a Christmas Tree or Wreath

Using hand prints are a fun, and easy way to get your little actively involved in creating a satisfying decoration. This activity is easy to do with only a few or with lots of children and can be done with any age group. The result is a fun and effective Christmas tree which looks great as part of your festive decorations. Christmas tree using hand prints Age group: 6 months+ What you need: A lot […]
1 December 2009

Christmas Tree biscuits

These cute edible Christmas trees are easy to make using your star shaped cookie cutters. They are a great way to get your toddler busy in the preparations for Christmas and they taste yummy too!
30 November 2009

Glittery Tree Ornaments

It's getting to that time when you are starting to think about getting your Christmas tree and decorating it. We like to get our toddlers involved in making decorations and it is usually it's the simple ideas that are the best. It's that's true with these homemade glittery ornaments. Use cookie cutters to make paper cutouts, then cover in glitter to make pretty hanging ornaments for the Christmas tree.
25 November 2009
IMG 8068 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Traditional Christmas Cake

This cake recipe has plenty of delicious dried fruit, pecans and just a hint of dark chocolate. Make it early so that you can “feed” it brandy often before Christmas day arrives!
13 November 2009
holly1 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

From Santa with Love

Santa Claus is coming to town! But before he does, he has a personalised letter for every child excitedly waiting for his annual visit. The NSPCC’s Letter from Santa fundraising initiative gives parents, grandparents and anyone else the chance to nominate someone special to receive a magical letter from Santa for a suggested donation of £5. The letter is personalised with the child’s name and age and is sure to confirm that Santa will be […]
11 November 2009
celebtree | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

8 Affordable Ways to Use Celebration Trees

You know how at the end of  Christmas, when you've taken down the beautiful Christmas tree that has brightened up your home, everything suddenly looks bare and sad? I always feel that packing away the decorations and taking down the tree is quite a depressing end of the festive season ritual. But what if we simply left it up all year and repurposed it for other celebrations? What if we could use it to observe […]
3 November 2009
DSC00053 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Fireworks Safety and Etiquette

Fireworks are lots of fun but they can also be very dangerous. If you are not planning going to an organised fireworks event but rather to have fireworks of your own, make sure that you tell everyone involved all about keeping safe. Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot, We see no reason, Why gunpowder treason, Should ever be forgot! Follow these simple rules for a safer and happier Firework night!   […]
3 November 2009

Chocolate Sparklers

Use chocolate fingers to make edible sparklers! This is simple, quick and your toddlers will love them!
29 October 2009

Funky Blow-paint Monsters

Creating these cute and funky monsters is as easy as 1,2,3. Follow the instructions for a monsterously good time!
28 October 2009

Simple Monster’s Hat

Be environmently friendly when making your Monster hat by using old plastic food containers.
28 October 2009

Loch Ness Monster Cake

You won't believe how quick and easy but great looking this Monster cake is. Perfect for a Halloween party and simple enough for your toddler to do most of the work!
28 October 2009

Monster Party Invitation

Make these monster themed invitations for a birthday or Halloween party. They can be a scary or as cute as you like and could be adapted to other characters to suit a variety of party themes.
27 October 2009

Have a Healthy Halloween

With all the press that childhood obesity has been getting in recent years and knowing that obesity is on the up worldwide especially amongst children, we thought you might like some ideas for alternatives to the sugar-filled Halloween treats that are filling supermarket shelves at the moment. Perhaps you don't like the idea of giving out sweets to other people's children or perhaps you find sweets an uncreative, boring thing to give. Whatever your reasons, there are many cheap […]
27 October 2009
halloween mummie 012 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn

Halloween Mummie Party Favours

Yummy Mummies: Have lots of fun with your toddler creating these great party favours. They look very good as Halloween table decorations filled with all sorts of goodies.
20 October 2009

This is the Way We…

This is a very cute action song for even your youngest pre-schooler.
16 October 2009

Glass Painted Tea Light Lantern

Why not reuse some little glass jars and turn them into these  glittering glass painted candle holders! This is really quick and easy for kids to do and they look gorgeous all lit up. Make a few and give them away to family and friends as gifts… Age group: 2 years+ What you need: A small glass jar (jam or babyfood jars work well) no lids needed Craft wire in your choice of colour Glass paint […]
15 October 2009

Decorate a candle

Your little ones will really enjoy making this lovely drawing pin decorative candle. They are truly absorbed by the process of pushing the pins in, and even your youngest child (supervised of course) can create a really pretty effect.