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Articles about how your toddler learns to communicate and express himself verbally. This also includes reading and phonics information. Help your toddler to solve problems and learn at the same time. This includes mathematics, numeracy and thinking and organisational skills.
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Guaranteed Tip for Developing Your Child’s Language

Babies and toddlers learn to talk by listening. The more words they are exposed to, the quicker they learn to talk. Daily exposure to words helps the brain to develop. Now I don't mean watching television or listening to the radio or other mediums. By exposure I mean, listening to a real person, one who is engaged with the child.

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Playing Pretend

Toddlers love to play dress up and let's pretend. My daughter is currently very much into pretending to be a nurse. This activity is a good way to teach your child about the role of doctors and nurses and also to build their confidence for times when they may have to see one. Use the tips which follow to let your toddlers imagination go …

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15 things to include in your Wonderfully Autumnal Sensory Tray

Sensory play is an invaluable part of high-quality early childhood learning.  A Sensory tray provides children with sensory materials which are used to enhance and stimulate their senses of touch, sight, taste, smell, and hearing. Using sensory materials gives children the opportunity for kinesthetic and self-directed play which encourages the development of:

Fine and Gross motor skills – Children are able to improve and develop  their fine and gross motor

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The Importance of playing Dress Up

Dressing up in a variety of costumes is an important type of play that every child needs to have access to and experience. It is an important activity where they are using their limitless imaginations, building language and vocabulary skills and gaining confidence. Here are the benefits of playing with costumes.

making reading fun

8 Tips for Making Reading Fun for Children

Little children love books… so take advantage of their natural interest and get them into the habit of reading . Here's a quick guide to getting them started.

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Spider Sing-along Songs

Get a little silly with these Spidery Songs. They are sung to the tunes of well known songs so they should be easy for your toddler to learn!

Golden Oldie Nursery Rhymes

There are so many wonderful nursery rhymes that we thought we would help you along with some of the old original words. Remember, they can also be turned into a singing session with your toddlers or even used for pretend play acting.

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How To Teach Your Baby Sign Language

How To Teach Your Baby Sign Language
by: Nicole Dean

The word is spreading. Sign language is a great way to communicate with
pre-verbal babies and toddler. New moms everywhere are grabbing American Sign Language books and absorbing them feverishly. Pregnancy classes are full of moms teaching each other basic sign language and day care centers across the country are training their teachers in sign language.

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Magnetic fun

Children of all ages love magnets. They are easy to come by and there are some really cheap varieties in office supply stores. You don't need fancy shapes or colours.

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Recommended Books for under 4’s

To give you a hint about what books are available for toddlers, I have searched through recommended lists and asked some mums for their toddlers favourites. This is what we came up with:

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The Importance of Storytime

Most babies and toddlers love books. They are often funny, bright and colourful, with loveable characters. But there are many reasons to read books that are less obvious. Take advantage of these less obvious reasons for reading to them.

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7 Reasons to Read

In modern times, with the invention of television, DVDs, games consoles, computers and other visual media, books have taken a less prominant role in our lives. So why is it still necessary to read with children?