Homemaking and Organisation

1 June 2015
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Babysitter Survival Kit

Leaving your little one at home with a babysitter can be a very scary and anxiety causing event.  I know it took me a long time  before I was comfortable leaving my children with anyone other than a friend or family member. I always felt that no one would look after my children as well and with as much care as I would.I fretted over what would happen if they needed me at bedtime, would […]
30 May 2015
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Why Being an Organised Mum Can Make Your Life Easier

When you’re pregnant, people excuse you those many lapses of memory and cognitive function. They call it ‘baby brain’. When you still can’t figure out which way to turn a tap on when you’re nursing your newborn, they still call it ‘baby brain’. When you have three kids in tow, and you can’t remember which bag you put your keys in, then you may still be suffering from the phenomenon! Being an organised mum can help. […]
27 February 2015
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16 Sanity Saving Toddler Activities at Home

With the cold wet weather encouraging us to stay warm and indoors it is no wonder the youngest among us complain of being bored. Now usually I don’t allow that word in my home  as can be seen in this post from the past, but when you have just given birth, are still recovering and stuck home alone in inclement weather, what can you do to save your sanity? I joined in a discussion on […]
16 December 2014

How to make your own Christmas Wreath

Make your own Wreath Get a circular wreath shape. There are ones made from florists foam, willow sticks, polystyrene, and plastic. All you need to make sure of is that it can have wires poked into it. I have also used old tights-the leg bits-filled with empty carrier bags before and shaped into a circle. Great for decorating if you are not going to need to poke anything into it for attaching . It works […]
6 November 2014
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How to have a Positive School Experience

Positive School experience Sometimes it is difficult to know how to make school and going to school a more positive experience for your child. Having a positive experience of school is important for children. Important because they are in school for such a large amount of their days. Important because it affects their attitude to their work, the people at the school and the level of enjoyment. Studies find that having a positive school experience […]
13 October 2014
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Oatie Cookie Kit Gift in a Jar recipe

Surprise your friends or family members with a little pre-prepared cookie mix gift in a jar. Home made gifts are always well recived. I often make gift in a jar presents for teachers at Christmas time or for their birthdays. They are also super to make up ahead of time and keep int your own store cupboard for days when you feel like baking. Like having your own box mix; move over Betty Crocker! One […]
24 September 2014
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Meal planning , how to get started

Meal planning – how to get started Save each week’s meal plans, especially the ones that have have worked well with recipes that have been the most popular, and you will soon be able to start using them as reference or even create a rota for repeating them. Tips for getting started: 1. List of family favourites recipes First of all, make a list of your family’s favourite meals. Get the kids involved and ask […]
23 September 2014
Bathtime struggles; tips and ideas, how to get baby to bath, making bathtime fun

Bath time struggles-25 tips and ideas

Recently I saw these questions asked in a mom’s group I belong to. My little boy gets so bored of baths. Can anyone suggest some fairly simple but different ideas for bath time please~Anon and Advice please! My 18 month old daughter has decided she hates bathing! She starts crying as soon as I start running the bath until it’s over. She went from hating it as a newborn to loving it and now hating […]
8 September 2014
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25 Freezer Friendly Sandwiches

  If you’re anything like me, you too will hate having to make sandwiches for your families lunchboxes everyday! Cue a busy morning of dressing, feeding and making sure everyone has everything they need for the school or work day, and making sandwiches becomes an unnecessarily stressful addition to the morning rush. And, if you ask me..it is boring and monotonous too. I find that no matter how organised I am with all the bits […]
21 June 2014
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20 Quick meal ideas for fussy kids

Sometimes it is just not possible to get fancy with the evening meal. Busy days at school and work mean that often, a quick solution is needed. Here are some fuss free ideas for the family to enjoy. These ideas are both simple and quick and are perfectly suited to please fussy kids. Why not try out these meal ideas on your fussy kids and see how many you are able to add to your […]
15 April 2014
15 Handy Hints & Clever Tricks for a more efficient Home

15 Handy Hints & Clever Tricks for a more efficient Home

In this article I have ideas and hints for making those everyday chores a little easier and less yucky! And some of these are “why didn’t I think of that”!
8 April 2014
20 Ingenious kitchen and food tips

20 Ingenious Kitchen and Food Tips

Here are some great tips and ideas for making your time in the kitchen more economical. Some of these are just plain clever! Great Grating – Leave cheese for 15 minutes in the freezer for easy grating. Soup in Shape – To freeze soup or stews, spoon into plastic zip-lock bags and place bags in a rectangular container. Place in freezer until frozen and remove the outer container. Even cardboard boxes can be used for […]
1 April 2014
Cooking terms Made easy, definitions of cookery terms

Cooking Terms Made Easy

I enjoy cooking. Ok, let’s qualify that. I like to cook for guests and entertaining. I’m am bored senseless by cooking for the kids everyday. My children don’t have adventurous palates, so I end up making the same few dishes over and over. It all gets a bit tedious. But what frustrates me, is when I am looking at a new recipe and it is filled with cooking terms. To be fair, most of them […]
26 March 2014
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Top Tips for a Cleaner Bathroom

Everyone has a least favourite household chore. Mine, along with ironing, is cleaning bathrooms. There is something about cleaning up after everyone’s mess in the bathroom that really bugs me. Pulling hair from drains, scrubbing bath rings and cleaning toilets are very far down on my list. BUT like all things, it must be done. So I researched and thought about how to make this task easier, quicker and less icky and this is what […]
22 March 2014
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Going potty for packed lunch ideas?

Packed lunches can be very stressful for a busy parent and often the easier option is to order a school dinner. But what do you do if you have a  little one is not keen on those? My 3 children prefer packed lunches (even my 3 year old who eats lunch at home) , I think in part due to not having to queue and wait for food and because they get a wider variety […]
7 February 2014
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Top Tips for flying with babies and small children

We asked parents how they managed flying long distance with small babies and toddlers and compiled a list of tried and tested ideas. Flying with babies can be especially daunting. With that in mind, I have put together some tried and tested advice from parents who ahve flown with thier babies and toddlers.
1 December 2013
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15 Uses for Wrapping Paper scraps

Do you have a stash of leftover bits from wrapping paper? Don’t like to throw them out but have no idea what to do with them? In this article I have some fabulous ideas to help you make use of leftover scraps of paper after Christmas. I also added a little tip for making your own wrapping paper-or rather, getting your children to make it! Here are some crafty, practical and environmentally conscious ideas for […]
1 January 2013
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How to Make the Joy of Christmas last

After the excitement of unwrapping all those gifts on Christmas morning, how can you make the thrill of  all those new items last? Organising your Christmas toys This article explores the different ways in which you can organise your child’s toys so that they never get bored of them.Decide what categories you would like to divide the toys into. Some of the categories I have organised my children’s toys into include: By toy type: lego, […]
12 October 2012
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Tips for Moving to a new house with children

Read here to find out how to move home successfully with toddlers,  how to prepare them for the move and getting them to help. Moving is a stressful experience for all family members. Children can show this stress in a variety of ways. This article deals with how to alleviate or eliminate some of the stresses for your family.
13 April 2011
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How to make the Perfect Sugar Cookies

I love to bake with my children. It is a lovely way to spend time together. It is a valuable teaching possibility and you end up with something delicious you can all enjoy together. My children liken this dough to play dough, but they cheekily admit, it tastes better than play dough mum! This super simple sugar cookie recipe is easy enough for even your youngest to master. With a few ordinary ingredients, you can […]
30 January 2011
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Start the New Year Organised!

A good balance of your time is needed for work, goals, recreation, and relaxation. Take a close look at your daily routine, examine your findings and come up with a plan. Be prepared to follow your plan and with this, you can become better organised.
20 December 2010
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3 Christmas Scent Recipes

There is nothing as wonderful as walking into a home literally smelling of Christmas!  These can even be used as a gift-in-a-jar present and are cheaper then buying Christmas oils for burners.     If you can’t spare a burner on your hob to keep these going, then why not make them in a fondue pot. Just remember to keep it out of reach of children! This part your little one can help with… Christmas […]
19 December 2010
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5 Tips on How to have a stylish Christmas!

Christmas can be a stressful time for those who are hosting or organising a Christmas event. One of the things that should be fun, it styling your home for Christmas. I love transforming my home for the festive season. Everyone wants a stylish Christmas! Make your celebrations sparkle and less stressful with our inspiring tips and ideas.   Choose a colour scheme. Kids love colours and getting them interested in all aspects of the celebrations […]
11 December 2010
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Scottish Shortbread Mix in a Jar

What would Christmas be without some genuine Scottish Shortbread to nibble on? Here is a delicious and simple shortbread mix to prepare in advance for your own home baking or to give as gifts this Christmas! Scottish Shortbread Mix What you need: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup powdered sugar (caster sugar) 1/4 tsp. salt Clean, DRY, airtight gift jar, big enough to fit the ingredients above. Christmas tag or label for instructions. Ribbons, […]
10 December 2010
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Rich Hot Chocolate Mix in a Jar

This yummy chocolate is just what is needed for the cold winter days.  Make a jar ahead of time to for your family to enjoy, or as a special treat for visitors. It also makes a super simple and tasty gift for teachers, neighbours or impromptu guests. Attach some mini marshmallows or other small chocolates to the jar too and make it an even more perfect present!   Hot Chocolate mix What you need: 8 […]
9 December 2010
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How to make Bath Salts in-a-Jar gifts

Here’s a great gift for those Moms who did so much cooking, baking and decorating for Christmas.  A wonderful way to relax after all the guests have gone home. 1. Coloured Bath Salts What you need: 1 cup Epsom salts 1/4 cup kosher salt or sea salt (Note: you may substitute cornstarch or baking soda for the kosher salt.) Food colouring Fragrance oils such as aromatherapy essential oils – Rose, patchouli, sandalwood, etc. (optional) Clean and […]
8 December 2010
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Spiced Walnuts Gift-in-a-Jar

People always appreciate gifts that are thoughtful, home made and unique. That is what makes this Gift-in-a-Jar something different and special. For the nut lover , this is an especially decadent gift. The crunchy deliciousness of walnuts combined with the sweetness of syrup make a truly luxurious treat. Spiced Walnuts What you need: 1/4 cup water 1 cup sugar 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon ginger 1 teaspoon cinnamon 450g bag of walnuts Small glass serving platter […]
7 December 2010
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How to Make homemade Christmas presents

Making beautiful Christmas Gift in a Jar presents is fun, inexpensive and very unique. The kids (of all ages) can really get involved with this and make Christmas giving even more personal and special. Gift in a Jar mixes can be made using almost any type of basic recipe.  Depending on the type and quantity of the mix, you could even use colourful coffee mugs, wide-necked bottles, etc.   It goes without saying that whatever […]
4 June 2010

Cheerful Desk Tidy

Every office needs a funky and functional desk tidy. Make this for your home office or as a gift for your desk at work. using a few readily available supplies, this project is sure to delight whoever is on the receiving end… Age group: 2 years + What you need: A thick piece of cardboard Paints (in as many or few colours as you want) PVA Glue Plate (to use as a template for the […]
20 January 2010
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Best Secrets to Getting and Staying Organised

Each area of your home provides you with a unique form of comfort. Comfort and clutter cannot co-exist. Clutter and mess only serves to bring unbalance and will dampen any good spirit. It stands to reason that, give up the clutter and bring in the peace of mind. As soon as you have a designated space for all of your items, you are better organised. This is the first step and the most important step. […]
19 January 2010

Say Good-bye to Clutter

 Anyone who knows me, knows how much I hate an untidy, cluttered home. Infact I can be quite obsessed so much so that my husband often remarks on how I like our home to look like a “showhome”. Yes, I’ll admit, it gives me a sense of calm and pleasure when everything is in it’s place and all is neat and clean…
15 October 2009

Decorate a candle

Your little ones will really enjoy making this lovely drawing pin decorative candle. They are truly absorbed by the process of pushing the pins in, and even your youngest child (supervised of course) can create a really pretty effect.
6 October 2009
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15 Ideas for Autumn Family Fun

With the weather getting colder and wetter, we find ourselves looking for indoor ways to keep everyone laughing and having fun. So switch off those televisions and celebrate the harvest with some good clean family fun.
5 October 2009

Sanity Saving tips for the supermarket

Ideas and tips on making shopping with your toddler a more positive experience.
26 July 2009

Before you Book: Holiday Checklist

Most of us take our annual family holiday when the sun is shining. We go caravanning, hiking, to theme parks or holiday abroad. Sometimes we are disappointed in the accomodation we have rented or with the venue in general because it does not live up to our expectations. With that in mind, here is a simple checklist which could help you make a more informed decision when booking your child friendly family holiday.