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Creativity and self-expression are vital for your toddler’s self-esteem. Activities to help your child be creative and to use self-expression. Art and crafts ideas.
how to carve a pumpkin

6 Helpful Hints to Easily Carve a Pumpkin for Halloween

For a brief few days pumpkins during October, jack-o’-lanterns will flicker across many countries, the happy result of wicked imaginations, fun-filled family afternoons, and lots of elbow grease. If your family is raring to carve a pumpkin this year, we’ve got the scoop on how to do it right.

3 Fun Easter Egg Decorations

The practise of decorating eggshells is quite ancient, with decorated, engraved ostrich eggs found in Africa which are 60,000 years old. Easter eggs, which are also called Paschal eggs, are eggs that are sometimes decorated. These eggs are usually used as gifts at Easter. The oldest known traditions include dyeing and painting chicken eggs. We have found 3 fun and

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2 Ways to Make a Clay Lamp

During Autumn and Winter, we spend more time indoors and the days get dark and long. Many festivals and special events are celebrated around this time and candles or lights are often a feature of the celebrations. Here are two simple lamps to make with your toddler.

Paint your Bread and Eat it!

Having a lazy Saturday morning? Have some fun with your breakfast by painting it first with our edible paint mix; then eat it!

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Blossom branch

This is a simple craft for young children. Using some basic materials and inspiration from nature, you can create a beautiful blossom branch to welcome the arrival of Spring.

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Bugs All a-Round

This activity is really simple and lots of fun. It can provide a platform for teaching your child about insects and other creepy crawlies, as well as exploring shapes in nature. It is also a great way to get your little ones imagination going when you introduce imaginary bugs.

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Cute and Cuddly Woolly Sheep

You can make this farmyard favourite using cotton wool and paper.  It is great as part of a display or just as a sweet activity to do with your young child.

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Let’s make Butterflies

It’s always fun to make butterflies as a craft activity. In this post I will be sharing a few ideas of different ways to make butterflies with your small children. These cute and unusual butterflies are great fun to make and use a variety of different techniques.  Get your little one exploring natural materials and shapes as well as using paint, glue and paper.

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Gorgeous Paper Vase

Home made gifts are always the best! And this one is no exception. Mother’s and other relatives will love receiving this bright, cheerful and useful present.

3 Rainbow themed crafts

3 Rainbow themed crafts

Toddler friendly rainbow themed activities to use for weather projects or as St Patrick’s day activities

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Cute Reindeer to make

Everyone loves Santa’s reindeer so here’s how to use your toddler’s foot and handprints to make this adorable reindeer face.

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Hedgehog in a Pile of Leaves

Toddlers love glueing and this craft project will give them the opportunity to stick wooden lolly sticks onto a hedgehog body shape to create their own little woodland friend.