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Change: how do children cope?

Most of us do not enjoy change or new unfamiliar situations. Children are far more comfortable when their day to day lives are predictable and repetitive. Starting with potty-training, moving out of their cots into big beds or the arrival of a new sibling, there are major changes for your toddler to face. Following these tips will surely make things easier for parents and children alike.

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9 Reasons Good Sleep is Important

From the moment our babies are born, we spend a huge amount of time looking into good sleep routines, sleep training, getting our little ones to go to sleep and then to sleep through the night. We begin to think a lot about the importance of good sleep, we fret and grumble when we have an interrupted night, and we are told to take naps if we can to bolster our sleep quota. We

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20 Reasons your child doesn’t want to go to bed

As parents, we all want our children to get a good night’s sleep. As adults we know how important sleep is, how essential it is to good health and vitality. I am a big believer in bedtime routines and ensuring my children maintain a predictable and calming bedtime. As I mentioned before in 18 ridiculous reasons why children wake at night my children have followed the same routine since

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Coping with Starting Pre-School

Choosing the right pre-school for your child is an important and often a difficult decision.  I have just gone through this with my daughter. She started pre-school yesterday in a village we had only just moved to 4 days earlier, so I really did not have anytime to do much research.

I recommend that you first visit in person, any pre-school you are interested in. If you arrive unannounced you will get a good feel for

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All I Really Need To Know…

…I Learned in Kindergarten

(a guide for Global Leadership)

All I really need to know about how to live and what to do and how to be I learned in kindergarten. Wisdom was not at the top of the graduate school mountain, but there in the sand pile at school.

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Healthy Bedtime Routines for a Happy Child

Bedtime routines and rituals are very important for most children in establishing positive sleep patterns and in developing a sense of security and stability. Your child will benefit from a set bedtime. Pick a time for bed that is reasonable for your child and which you can consistently provide.

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Tips on Photographing Kids

By SFXsource
Children are rarely shy of the camera, and they are a lot of fun to photograph. Start thinking like a child before you begin. Let simple things inspire you, and be awed by everything. Below are tips to help you take amazing photographs of children.

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Reduce the risk of Cot Death

Place your baby on the back to sleep from the very beginning. This will reduce the risk of cot death. Side sleeping is not as safe as sleeping on the back. Healthy babies placed on their backs are NOT more likely to choke. Read more about the official guidelines for reducing cot death here.

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When to Seek Medical Advice…

Babies often have minor illnesses which you do not need to worry about. Make sure your baby drinks plenty of fluids and is not too hot. If your baby sleeps a lot , wake him regularly for a drink. It may be difficult to judge whether an illness is more serious requiring prompt medical attention. The following guidelines may help you..

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Tantrums and Tiaras

My perfect one year old will never do that, you smirk silently to yourself as you witness the awful behaviour of other peoples toddlers … and then, just after their second birthday, someone flips the switch … where did your little princess go? And why does it suddenly feel like you are no longer in charge of your life?

I spent the first years of motherhood in ignorant bliss … I had a little girl

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So I’m the guinea pig?

Mommy, how come these little ones get away with things that I couldn’t when I was their age?” is the usual complaint of the eldest children. This is symptomatic of the next “batch” of siblings – a boy or a girl who arrive about ten years later.

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Raising Happy Kids

We all want our little ones to grow up happy. Here are some positive suggestions to help yours do just that. Read our top 5 happiness boosters and get started today …

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Developing Your Baby’s Brain

Have you ever wondered why toys for babies tend to have so many bells, whistles and lights? Or why they have so many different textures, and materials and colors? It’s almost as if we want to provide young babies with a whole world of stimulation and we can’t quite get it to them fast enough.

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Water Warnings

Keeping your little ones safe around water is a top priority. It only takes a small amount of water and a moments lapse in supervision for the unthinkable to happen. Here are some things to think about when enjoying those watery fun times with family and friends.

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Setting a Bedtime routine for your toddler

 As your baby gets older, up to about 2 years of age, she’ll still be sleeping 13-14 hours, but the amount of daytime sleep will diminish month-by-month. By age 2, your baby should be sleeping through the night with a 2-hour nap during the day. Again, this will vary by child. Your baby might need a slightly longer nap or two short naps. At this age though, try to discourage naps too late in

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Do You Expect Too Much From Your Kids?

Pushing for Gold – Know the Difference Between Motivation and Pressure.

Parents naturally want their children to be the best, whether in academics or extra-curricular activities – or both! Young kids especially find happiness in pleasing their parents, and would do almost anything to garner their approval – from doing simple chores and creating pretty artwork, to accomplishing more ambitious feats like winning in sports or beauty pageants. But how far can we push our