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Our YummyMummy Recipe Section makes sure that, at the end of a busy day, you have good, wholesome and quick recipes (with no fussy ingredients) for the whole family to enjoy. For those baking days, have some fun and use our recipes that you can make with your preschooler and even the older children.
12 June 2015
pumpkin muffins
Tasty Gluten free and Sugar free Pumpkin muffin
Muffins are such a quick and easy snack to make for children to enjoy. I also enjoy a tasty muffin with a hot cup of tea but eating too many can have a negative effect on your waistline! I have dieted in the past both successfully and unsuccessfully using low carb, low fat, low sugar, high protein meal replacements etc . But I wanted something different (and to be honest, easier). I was chatting to […]
4 March 2015
gruffalo cake, gruffalo party, gruffalo food, www.toddlebabes.co.uk, Julia Donaldson
How To Throw a Fabulous Gruffalo Party
I've never met anyone who does not like or love the children's book The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. It has been a  favourite in our home for the last 8 years and my three never tire of hearing it over and over. I think I have read it so often as both a parent and a teacher that I can recite it verbatim. I love a themed party so when my eldest son turned 4, […]
1 March 2015
6990345755 fbeff814e3 | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn
St Patrick’s Day for Kids
Ideas for celebrating St Patrick's Day with kids St Patrick's Day can be lots of fun for your toddler. Make the most of the rainbow, pot of gold and shamrock images to create some festive decorations and cakes. Saint Patrick's Day  Lá Fhéile Pádraig is an annual holiday celebrated on 17 March. It is named after Saint Patrick ( AD 387–493), the most commonly recognized of the Patron Saints of Ireland. Originally a Christian holiday, it became an […]
28 February 2015
gruffalo food, gruffalo cake, www.toddlebabes.co.uk
How to Make a Gruffalo Cake
How to make a Gruffalo cake My son wanted a Gruffalo cake for his 4th birthday. It was such fun to make and far easier than I expected! It was a perfect addition to his Gruffalo themed party. I baked a dome shaped cake in a rounded cake tin and 3 small circle layers. Using vanilla butter cream, I sandwiched the layers together. I used a regular sponge cake recipe, but any dense cake (easier […]
23 February 2015
www.toddlebabes.co.uk, superhero party
Superhero Party Food, Drinks and Cake Ideas
Superhero Party Food Ideas Superhero party planning is such fun. I had a great time coming up with food themed for the day and found it a great help to use a ready made party pack to help label and decorate the food and drinks I had on offer. I purchased a rather lovely  superhero pack . It has printable and customisable invitations and other items. The superhero party pack included: Invitation 5×7”,2“ Party Circles (Cupcake […]
28 November 2014
apple recipes, chocolate recipes, loaf cakes,
Decadent Apple & Chocolate Chip Loaf
Have you got an excess of apples, or some sitting in the fruit bowl that are a little less firm than you like them? Turn them into this tasty loaf cake which is superb served hot with custard or ice cream. The original recipe called for raisins to be added but my ‘kidlets' are not fans of raisins so I opted to make it a little less healthy 😉 and added chocolate chips instead! Chocolate […]
27 November 2014
cupcake mix, betty crocker,
Betty Crocker Lemon cup cake mix review
Betty Crocker cupcake box mix review I love to bake, I always make my cupcakes from scratch as they are so delicious and I am known for them in my neighbourhood. I like to make them for friends get-togethers, parties, and by request for special occasions. But sometimes, the kids want to do a quick baking activity, or I want to save my luxury cupcake recipes (which are quite costly to make per cake) and […]
24 November 2014
apple recipes, fruit cakes, apple dessert, apple pudding,
Apple Cake
Apples are such a versatile fruit. You can use them in chutneys, relishes, jams, cakes and drinks.  Apples are often an important ingredient in many desserts, such as apple pie, apple crumble, apple crisp and apple cake. During the late summer and early autumn, apples are easy to come by. They are often eaten baked or stewed, and they can also be dried and eaten. The latter being a favorite of my children. My youngest […]
13 November 2014
First birthday, girl party, fairy party
A First Birthday Fairy Party
All about a fairy party This was my daughter's First birthday party. I wanted to do a really girly theme and settled on fairies as I found some sweet fairy party accessories online. I had found a really cute white and pink fairy dress with mini wings attached to the back too. It was so sweet I just had to put her in it with pink tights and white and pink and silver shoo shoo […]
10 November 2014
advent, calendars, Christmas,
15 ‘No chocolate’ advent calendar ideas
15 child friendly advent calendar ideas Advent calendars can be any sort of count down you wish. Many people opt for the simple store bought chocolate calendars, but what if your little one has an allergy? Or if you just don't enjoy chocolates? Here is a round up of advent calendars that don't have chocolate. Wrap a small Christmas themed book up and number the wrapping paper..one per day Fill small boxes with sweets or […]
8 November 2014
North Pole Breakfast Ideas, elf on the shelf, Christmas elf
Decor and menu Ideas for your North Pole Breakfast
North Pole Breakfast A wonderful part of the Christmas Elf tradition is to have a North Pole breakfast . This is usually the first of December or the first weekend in December although many choose to have it even earlier if their elf arrives sooner in the year. Our family elf likes to appear during the night the Christmas tree is put up and decorated so the North Pole breakfast is the next day and […]
27 October 2014
pumpkin recipes, bobotie recipe, mince recipes, autumn recipes
Warming Pumpkin Bobotie Recipe
As autumn gets under way, pumpkins and squashes of all shapes and sizes seem to be filling the store veggie departments. Signs inviting me to pick my own pumpkins are sprouting up along the road sides at garden centres and farms. Pumpkins are a super vegetable to use for a host of delicious recipes. The one I use most is pumpkin soup. But recently I saw a combination of a recipe I grew up with […]

Home Happiness Cake

We found this lovely recipe on the internet. It is from an old cookbook from Alaska, Out of Alaska's Kitchens, published by the Easter Seal Society for Alaska Crippled Children and Adults, Inc., in 1976.

  • 1 cup common sense
  • 1 1/2 cups love
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons mutual confidence
  • 1/2 cup justice
  1. To these ingredients, add two large portions of sense of humour, beaten separately.
  2. Spice to taste with fun and nonsense.
  3. Bake in a moderate oven of warm approval.
  4. Ice with generous appreciation.
How to Serve

Invite the entire family and enjoy a memorable time together.

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