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Ideas for fun family activities to do together. Create family traditions and memories, tips for celebrating Christmas, Halloween, Easter and other special days. Tips on what to do outdoors with little ones and the whole family.

Things for Kids to do in UK

Check out 12 new posts in our FORUM for things to do in the UK OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! From kids’  cookery, puppet shows, stories and crafts to clown workshops, theatre listings, art classes, drop-in music and dance sessions, games and rides. As well as  adventure trails, road safety activities, archaeological adventures and walks, there is something for everyone!

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19 Festive ideas for making your home magical this Christmas!

Here are some great Christmas decorating ideas to make this Christmas just that more special for your kids and family.

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4 Fabulously Fun Christmas Games

Are you having a Christmas Party? Here are a few cheap and easy ideas to keep the little ones amused and having fun.

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What are you doing to make Mother’s Day Special?

 Mother’s Day is an annual holiday that recognizes mothers and  motherhood and is set aside so that families can show their appreciation and gratitude for their mothers., world book day, dress up

32 World Book Day Dress Up Ideas

Some inspiration for World Book Day dress up. World Book day does not have be a stressful event for dressing up. We usually go through our dress up box and pick out items we think we can turn into a character from a book. Rather than finding a book we love and trying to get the costume, we go with who can we be using, holiday, half term

Holiday Travel Ideas for your Half Term Break

Holiday Travel can be simple. If you are like me and you have several children, holidays in the school holidays can be a little bit expensive. However, the price I’ve paid is always worth it when I see my kids smiling and having fun. There are plenty of choices for holidays when you have a family. Some are close to home while others can be exotic destinations overseas. Holidays can be a once in a

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Perfect Pumpkin Picking Fun

Every year about a week or two before Halloween, we go pumpkin picking. Well, technically it’s not pumpkin picking, just choosing and buying as they are already cut from the plant and left lying in a field. 

This year we chose to go to Millets Farm at Frilford in Oxfordshire. They had a huge selection of pumpkins for us to choose from and we spend a lot of time agonising

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Fab place to visit: Oxford Museum of Natural History

When in England, when the weather turns foul, head to a nearby won’t be disappointed.

We’ve had a few less than outdoorsy weather days this week and in the interests of entertaining my boys , girl child was out, in a way that does not involve screens or (what feels like) hundreds of other kids screaming around a soft play space, we headed to Oxford to the Oxford University Museum

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Well Worth a visit: Woburn Safari Park

We spent a crisp clear winter’s day driving and walking around Woburn Safari Park.

We bought our tickets online so arrived and just had to show a booking reference. We were given maps and children’s activity sheets and information books about the animals we could see on our way round the park. There was also a list of show and chats with the timings so that we could attend these

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Why we Jingle all the way …

How our elf has become an important Christmas tradition: When I decided that we would welcome an elf to our home as part of our Christmas celebrations and traditions, I was met with mixed reactions from friends and family.

Some reacted with a very negative response or some with ambivalence.

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Sparkly Jingle Bells and Christingle

The Adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf – Day 14: Our sweet and generous Christmas elf was snuggled up inside one of the stockings that are hanging from the mantel over the fireplace today. Around his neck was a super sparkly and glittery silver Christmas ornament. It was his name and it had 3 tiny bells hanging off the bottom. Jingle ‘s note asked us to hang it  in the tree so that every time

Pudsey bear, Superhero

Pudsey Bear ‘Be a Hero’ Children In Need Day

It’s Children In Need fundraising time and my children’s school has asked that all to dress up as their hero or a superhero for the day.

My youngest was the easiest to dress as he had a choice of Superman, Spiderman and Batman in the dress up box, but my older son- he has outgrown the dress up stuff