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11 June 2015
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Why you should make Photo books for your memories.

A Photo book is a beautiful way to keep and share your memories! I am the official memory keeper in my family. I love being able to look back at images and letters and videos of family members. I keep scrapbooks for my children so that they will know about their childhood when they are older. I write them notes so that they will understand how I feel about them and have something to treasure […]
8 April 2015
Top Tips That Will Help You To Teach Your Kids To Swim,

Top tips that will help you teach your child to swim

Every child should learn to swim so that they are safe around water. If you have yet to teach your children the basic principles of swimming, now might be the best time to get started. If you are a strong swimmer yourself, you probably have loads of advice when it comes to educating your kids. Here are some top tips to help you teach your child to swim.
3 April 2015, holiday, half term

Holiday Travel Ideas for your Half Term Break

Holiday Travel can be simple. If you are like me and you have several children, holidays in the school holidays can be a little bit expensive. However, the price I’ve paid is always worth it when I see my kids smiling and having fun. There are plenty of choices for holidays when you have a family. Some are close to home while others can be exotic destinations overseas. Holidays can be a once in a […]
5 March 2015, world book day, dress up

32 World Book Day Dress Up Ideas

Some inspiration for World Book Day dress up. World Book day does not have be a stressful event for dressing up. We usually go through our dress up box and pick out items we think we can turn into a character from a book. Rather than finding a book we love and trying to get the costume, we go with who can we be using  xyz!
18 December 2014
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Let’s pretend to be Elves

The adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf  Day 18 3 Little Pretend Elves During the night , Jingle crept into my boys bedroom. They had chosen to sleep together on the bottom bunk, as they often do, so he made himself comfortable on the top bunk to watch them sleeping. When they found him, his note said that he wanted to play pretend at being elves and that he had hidden 3 elf hats for […]
17 December 2014
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It’s all about the jellybeans

The Adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf, day 17 Jellybeans for breakfast anyone? We were led on a bit of a hunt this morning by a series of messages Jingle had left on our mini whiteboards. As we came down the stairs , this is what we saw. It didn’t take them long to find him sitting on the window sill behind the Christmas tree. Looking in all around the lounge, we struggled to find […]
16 December 2014
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Our Special Letter to Santa

The Adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf Day 16 A letter to Santa Jingle thought it about time we wrote our letter to Santa. So when we found him this morning he had writing sets for each child. Each set contains 2 sheets of paper, a pre-addressed envelope, a pencil with a Christmas eraser and a sheet of stickers. As you can see it has already got the Dear Santa and the love from part […]
14 December 2014
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Sparkly Jingle Bells and Christingle

The Adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf – Day 14: Our sweet and generous Christmas elf was snuggled up inside one of the stockings that are hanging from the mantel over the fireplace today. Around his neck was a super sparkly and glittery silver Christmas ornament. It was his name and it had 3 tiny bells hanging off the bottom. Jingle ‘s note asked us to hang it  in the tree so that every time […]
13 December 2014
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Enjoying an Indoor Snowball fight

The Adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf Day 13 Indoor Snowball Fight! Jingle was found sitting behind a huge pile of Snowballs in our lounge. The snowballs were soft, white and a little bit sparkly, in fact there was glitter lightly sprinkled on the carpet. These Snowballs were the perfect size to throw-slightly smaller than a tennis ball. He said he had brought these magical-never-melting-soft-safe-to-throw-inside snowballs from the North Pole and told us to share […]
11 December 2014
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Jingle’s Tips for staying on the Nice List

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 11 How to stay on the NICE LIST At almost the half way mark, Jingle decided to remind us of some ways we can stay on the nice list. Let’s hope the children try hard to stick to these hints… 😉 We had a little chat about what we could do to show we are following those hints and this is what the children said: Be Good: […]
10 December 2014
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Reading Pajama Elves

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf,  Day 10 Wow! I can’t believe it’s already the 10th of December! I am embarrassed to confess I have done absolutely no Christmas shopping at all! yikes! I wonder if we can skip that bit this year? Think anyone would mind?? Anyhow, today Jingle was found sitting on the coffee table with all our nativity scene characters in a semi circle at his feet. He was reading to […]
9 December 2014
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Riding the ShoeShoe Train

The adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf, Day 9 This morning Jingle made, what he called a ShoeShoe Train. This is essentially a row of shoes lined up and filled with “passengers”. He had rolled out a piece of wide Christmas ribbon to make a track for him and his fellow passengers in front of the Christmas tree. He lined up a random selection of my children’s shoes along the ribbon and in each of […]
8 December 2014
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6 Reasons why we love our Christmas tree

Jingle, our elf visitor, played it lo-key after his busy weekend and was found sitting at the top of our newly trimmed Christmas tree this morning.  So instead of writing about Jingle today, I’m hijacking this post to talk about Christmas trees! My 6 reasons include Family togetherness The search for the perfect tree is one of our favourite family outings. We all get dressed up in our Christmas jumpers, wellie boots and Santa hats […]
7 December 2014
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Hot Chocolate, Cake and Christmas trees

The Adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf, Day 7 You know that cosy place when you’re dozing all warm in bed somewhere between awake and asleep? Well that is where I was when I heard the excited yelling and calls of “Mum, come and seeeee!!! Come and look what Jingle has done!” I grabbed the camera (I’m known as the “Mama”razzi -as opposed to “Papa”razzi- by friends and family) and followed the sounds of excitement. […]
6 December 2014
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Baby it’s Frozen outside!

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 6 Jingle was really sweet this morning. It was a really, extremely cold night and I guess he was too cold to stay downstairs on his own. Poor little guy! Just to give you an idea of how cold it was: we took this pictures at 11am. It was still really icy and frosted over outdoors.  Sometime during the night,  he crept into my daughters room (look […]
6 December 2014
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Why we Jingle all the way …

How our elf has become an important Christmas tradition: When I decided that we would welcome an elf to our home as part of our Christmas celebrations and traditions, I was met with mixed reactions from friends and family. Some reacted with a very negative response or some with ambivalence.
5 December 2014
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Jingle organised a Treasure Hunt

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 5 Jingle was hanging off the mantel holding onto a silver coin and holding onto a candle when we found him. We think he was about to hide the last coin when he heard us coming and froze. He looks really uncomfortable! We hope he moves  while we are at school! Today Jingle invited us to go on a treasure hunt around the house looking for Silver […]
4 December 2014
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A De-light-ful Christmas Elf

The adventures of Jingle, Our Christmas Elf, Day 4 Again with an early start! My eldest crept into my room at 7am whispering..Jingle, I want to find him! Unfortunately for her, my boys were still asleep so I convinced her she would have to wait until they woke. She went back to bed and read til she heard the boys..only 15 minutes later..but still! As they went down the stairs they noticed the reflection of […]
3 December 2014
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Toilet Paper and Elf Mischief

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas elf, Day 3 Bright and early I hear a shout. “There’s toilet paper everywhere! It’s going down the stairs!” and then “Mom! Come see what Jingle did!” Our elf, Jingle had hopped into a roll of festive toilet paper (yes, I like to have reminders of Christmas, ahem, everywhere!) and had rolled down the stairs.  The children thought this was really funny, but were concerned about him having to […]
2 December 2014
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An Elf and a Gingerbread House

The adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 2 I had forgotten that Jingles visits mean early morning wake ups! Our usual house rule is stay in your room or even better your bed until 7am. My children are really good about abiding by this rule and often they won’t come through to our room til around 7:15 at the earliest..later (on the weekends) if we are lucky. BUT with our elf, Jingle Glitterbottom’s arrival, […]
1 December 2014
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Our Christmas Elf has arrived!

The Adventures of Jingle, our Christmas Elf, Day 1 It’s the first day of December and things are starting to get Christmassy over here. We arrived home from school to find that our Christmas elf, Jingle Glitterbottom had arrived for his annual December visit! As we drove up to the house, my daughter spotted something hanging from the front door… Look at the joy and excitement on their little faces! When we got inside, this […]
15 November 2014
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Pudsey Bear ‘Be a Hero’ Children In Need Day

It’s Children In Need fundraising time and my children’s school has asked that all to dress up as their hero or a superhero for the day. My youngest was the easiest to dress as he had a choice of Superman, Spiderman and Batman in the dress up box, but my older son- he has outgrown the dress up stuff -and my daughter proved more tricky. I did not want to go and buy proper superhero […]
14 November 2014
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Organise your ‘no electronics’ Family night

Nights in together don’t have to be big fancy affairs! We try to do one a fortnight, on a Friday so that if we run a little late for bedtime it doesn’t affect school the next day. You don’t need to over think the activities or food. The point of having a family night is to spend time together away from distractions of electronic gadgets and toys. Pull out those old battery free favourites and […]
12 November 2014
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Well Worth a visit: Woburn Safari Park

We spent a crisp clear winter’s day driving and walking around Woburn Safari Park. We bought our tickets online so arrived and just had to show a booking reference. We were given maps and children’s activity sheets and information books about the animals we could see on our way round the park. There was also a list of show and chats with the timings so that we could attend these if we wanted to.
10 November 2014
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15 ‘No chocolate’ advent calendar ideas

15 child friendly advent calendar ideas Advent calendars can be any sort of count down you wish. Many people opt for the simple store bought chocolate calendars, but what if your little one has an allergy? Or if you just don’t enjoy chocolates? Here is a round up of advent calendars that don’t have chocolate. Wrap a small Christmas themed book up and number the wrapping per day Fill small boxes with sweets or […]
7 November 2014
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Fab place to visit: Oxford Museum of Natural History

When in England, when the weather turns foul, head to a nearby won’t be disappointed. We’ve had a few less than outdoorsy weather days this week and in the interests of entertaining my boys , girl child was out, in a way that does not involve screens or (what feels like) hundreds of other kids screaming around a soft play space, we headed to Oxford to the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.
2 November 2014
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What we did for Halloween…

  Our Halloween fun Halloween was as always a super fun way to spend the day with my kidlets. We spent the morning getting ready. We stuck window clings on the windows, hung paper plate ghosts outside, put out our jar lanterns we had made, hung a broomstick on the door knocker with the words “Happy Hallo-scream”, put spiders and cobwebs in the windows and placed all our Halloween witches and pictures around the house. […]
1 November 2014
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Perfect Pumpkin Picking Fun

Every year about a week or two before Halloween, we go pumpkin picking. Well, technically it’s not pumpkin picking, just choosing and buying as they are already cut from the plant and left lying in a field.  This year we chose to go to Millets Farm at Frilford in Oxfordshire. They had a huge selection of pumpkins for us to choose from and we spend a lot of time agonising over which were the perfect […]
31 October 2014
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How to Organise a Family Movie Night

Family Movie night can be such fun! Snuggling up on the couch in front of a warm fire and munching on popcorn and snacks is a fabulous way to spend cold, dark, wintery evenings. Once a month is a good frequency to aim for and makes it special as it is not a common occurrence. How to organise your Family Movie Night 1. Choose the theme: Animated Scary movies Adventure Comedy Animal 2. Choose the […]
2 October 2014
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30 Top tips for Christmas Elf Antics

My children had an elf visit for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of his stay. He arrived the day we put the tree up and stayed til Christmas eve. He was really sweet and very funny. Each day he would remind us of a virtue or trait he wanted us to remember and he would set us a task relating to others. I have recorded some of the cute and […]
17 March 2014
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What are you doing to make Mother’s Day Special?

 Mother’s Day is an annual holiday that recognizes mothers and  motherhood and is set aside so that families can show their appreciation and gratitude for their mothers.
19 October 2013
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Here’s How to Make Reindeer Food

Are you tired of the usual carrot left for the reindeer? Tired of answering the  “Do the reindeer come inside to eat the carrots?” question.  The “why do we only leave one or two carrots when there are so many reindeer?” Well this is how my family feed the reindeer. A few quick and easy store cupboard items and you’ll have magical, sparkly reindeer food.
15 December 2012
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25 more Christmas Decorating Ideas

If our last list of ideas wasn’t enough to get you started, here are 25 more!
5 December 2012
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Do You Know the Meaning of Christmas…?

Ever wondered what all the decorations mean and why we use them to decorate our homes at Christmas? Here are some of the more common symbols of Christmas and why they are used…  The Meaning of Christmas Star: A heavenly signs of prophecy fulfilled long, long ago. From the biblical story of Christmas. A symbol of the star the wise men/kings followed. Colour Red: Symbolizing that Saviour’s sacrifice for all when he dies on the cross. Fir Tree: Evergreen- […]
19 October 2012
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What are your Family Christmas Traditions?

A friend recently had a Facebook status asking for ideas about starting Christmas traditions with her 2 year old son. So I literally spewed all my family traditions into her post and then thought that it was a good idea to write them  in a post for all of you.  Traditions for the month of December Buy a few Christmas themed stories (or borrow from your local library) and snuggle up each night to enjoy […]
1 February 2011
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How do you make Valentine’s Day appropriate for kids?

Valentine’s Day is often considered a more adult celebration. But it need not be. Have some lovey dovey fun making hearts, homemade heart shaped cookies or sweets and decorating the table with reds, pinks and whites.
20 December 2010
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4 Fabulously Fun Christmas Games

Are you having a Christmas Party? Here are a few cheap and easy ideas to keep the little ones amused and having fun.
19 December 2010
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5 Tips on How to have a stylish Christmas!

Christmas can be a stressful time for those who are hosting or organising a Christmas event. One of the things that should be fun, it styling your home for Christmas. I love transforming my home for the festive season. Everyone wants a stylish Christmas! Make your celebrations sparkle and less stressful with our inspiring tips and ideas.   Choose a colour scheme. Kids love colours and getting them interested in all aspects of the celebrations […]
14 December 2010
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19 Festive ideas for making your home magical this Christmas!

Here are some great Christmas decorating ideas to make this Christmas just that more special for your kids and family.
20 October 2010
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Halloween Safety Tips

Good ideas – to which I have added my own points. Combine dressing up in costumes with free candy and you create a kid friendly holiday! Although Halloween is a favorite holiday for children it does come with it’s own unique dangers that all parents and caregivers should be mindful of. With a few basic Halloween safety measures your family can have a fun and safe celebration!   Make Halloween Costumes SAFE to wear To […]
28 February 2010
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St David’s Day- March 1st

Saint David’s Day  is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and falls on 1 March each year.
11 November 2009
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8 ways to use Celebration Trees

Using  dried up twigs to make trees for various celebrations is great fun and so easy. Children love making the decorations and seeing them displayed.
16 October 2009

11 Ideas and Activities for Diwali

During October, many people will celebrate the Indian holiday of Diwali. This is the celebration of the victory of good over evil; the uplifting of spiritual darkness. Diwali is becoming a well known and popular festival in Britain and non-Indians also join in the festivities. Here are some ideas for those who wish to join in! In  Britain, Hindus and Sikhs celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm and  in a similar way to as it is in India. […]
18 August 2009

Things for Kids to do in UK

Check out 12 new posts in our FORUM for things to do in the UK OVER THE NEXT FEW WEEKS! From kids’  cookery, puppet shows, stories and crafts to clown workshops, theatre listings, art classes, drop-in music and dance sessions, games and rides. As well as  adventure trails, road safety activities, archaeological adventures and walks, there is something for everyone!
23 April 2009
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7 ideas for Outdoor Summer Fun

Summer is the perfect time to get out in the fresh air and have healthy fun with your toddler. In this article will be sharing some ideas to help you burn of that seemingly endless supply of energy as well as to create opportunities for physical development.