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5 ways to look your age, not older!

Since my children are all now in school, I am starting to make improvements in areas long neglected in favour of the kids. I’m always last on my”to do” list and have decided this has to change!

While being home, I have maintained only the most basic of self care routines. Just enough to fall into the “not gross” category. But, with my 40th birthday looming, my youngest finally in school full time and my, things I love, things I hate,

10 things I Love, 10 things I Hate, things I love, things I hate,

So I was doing a little stock take of life the other night. You know how it is, when you’re woken at 3am and suddenly your mind is whirling with arbitrary thoughts and ideas. None of which are useful in any way to you at that ungodly hour,

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My first BritMumsLive and being Naked in Public toilets

This post is about firsts. My first time attending a blogger conference, my first time being naked in a public toilet and about why and how I left and arrived home in the same outfit., me, Carla

Secret Confessions: an A-Z of me!

A little look at me and who I am…

Sometimes when I read blogs I enjoy getting to know who is behind the writing. I thought it might be fun to create a bit of a silly post sharing some things about myself with those of you who follow and read my musings and who I probably won’t ever get to meet in real life.

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Reasons I Love (& Hate) Spring.

The winter blues are finally disappearing into the distance. Layers are coming off, skies are turning blue, birds are chirping in the trees and people are emerging from their winter isolation. I am a sun lover. I look forward to the end of winter with eager anticipation. I yearn for the Spring and Summer months to start. They are always magnificent in my mind.

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Mine came out through the sunroof!

I’ve had 3 c-sections, if you think that makes me less of a woman, then I invite you to keep moving …

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39 Valuable Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 39 years…

Yes, I realise that 39 things in 39 years makes me a slow learner, but hey…It means I’ve had time to really ponder it all! These are the things I feel are worth mentioning. I’m pretty sure that there are many more, perhaps for another post one day…but for the moment here’s my list.

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35 Days to Better Health

My journey to Good Health is just beginning!  Since the birth of my last child in 2010, I have struggled with a variety of health issues. I have been unable to loose the excess pregnancy weight, felt tired and generally low.  I made the decision to take my charge of my health and on the 5th of January I  implemented my plan towards a healthier, fitter and less wobbly bits me., forever my first, new baby, being a mother

Forever my First

My first born is 9 years old today…so I feel the need to write about her and to her.

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Full speed ahead to the forties

So 2015 has arrived and has prompted me to think about getting older. As you do, I took a moment to do my annual stock take. What are my dreams, goals, aspirations for the year to come? This all got me looking at what has come before and thinking about what lies ahead.

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30 hours in the life of us…

I thought it would be fun to document a 30 hour period in our family’s life. It was fun and interesting taking my camera out and about to capture the little things. The things that normally go by unrecorded. We had a busy 30 hours with loads to photograph and enjoy together. Here’s a little look into life with my fabulous little family.