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Our YummyMummy Recipe Section makes sure that, at the end of a busy day, you have good, wholesome and quick recipes (with no fussy ingredients) for the whole family to enjoy. For those baking days, have some fun and use our recipes that you can make with your preschooler and even the older children.
13 October 2014
oatmeal cookie recipe, gift recipes, recipes for homeamde cookies
Oatie Cookie Kit Gift in a Jar recipe
Surprise your friends or family members with a little pre-prepared cookie mix gift in a jar. Home made gifts are always well recived. I often make gift in a jar presents for teachers at Christmas time or for their birthdays. They are also super to make up ahead of time and keep int your own store cupboard for days when you feel like baking. Like having your own box mix; move over Betty Crocker! One […]
6 October 2014
Sneaky Courgette Chocolate Cake, courgette recipes, chocolate cake recipes, hidden vegetables recipes
Sneaky Courgette Chocolate Cake
Hidden Courgette Chocolate Cake My children are not fans of vegetables. I’m always disguising them in foods. Grating carrots or courgettes into bolognaise sauce, finely chopping onions into stews and  blending tomatoes into a puree before adding it to sauces. I was really pleased to find a cake recipe that has vegetables hidden in it. I know my 3 WILL eat chocolate cake. I know they would NEVER suspect that there were vegetables in a […]
1 October 2014
bran recipe, muffins, apple recipes
Surprisingly Yummy All Bran muffins
  I like to make bran muffins for my children to have as break time snacks or for a quick filler after school. They already enjoy bran muffins with a slice of cheese or a smear of butter on them so I was excited to try them out on this apple version. Bearing in mind that for a large portion of Autumn, I have a huge apple tree that is dripping with apples. Only trouble […]
29 September 2014
Rich Courgette and Chocolate muffins, chocolate recipes, courgette recipes, zuchini
Rich Chocolate and Courgette Muffins
  Another courgette recipe? Yes! During the late summer and early autumn, I have a huge amount of courgettes growing in my garden. I always seem to plant to many and end up with more than we could hope to eat in regular meals. I have become adept at hiding them in various recipes for baked goods. This one is a rather sneaky one as the chocolate flavour means that you don’t even know you […]
26 September 2014
Scrumptious Spinach Sala, spinach recipe, salad recipe, clean living recipe
Seriously Scrumptious Spinach Salad
Spinach Salad Spinach is well known for its nutritional qualities and has always been thought of as a plant credited with the ability to restore energy and improve the quality of the blood. Why does spinach produce these results? Well it’s  primarily the fact that it is rich in iron. It also contains phyto chemicals which have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. These natural chemicals are especially important for healthy eye-sight. I love spinach and I […]
24 September 2014
Meal Planning, how to get started, planning melas, tips for meals, quick meal ideas
Meal planning , how to get started
Meal planning – how to get started Save each week’s meal plans, especially the ones that have have worked well with recipes that have been the most popular, and you will soon be able to start using them as reference or even create a rota for repeating them. Tips for getting started: 1. List of family favourites recipes First of all, make a list of your family’s favourite meals. Get the kids involved and ask […]
15 September 2014
Spicy Chocolate and courgette Muffins, courgette recipes, mjuffin recipes, chocolate recipes
Delicious Spicy Chocolate Courgette Muffin
Ever thought of putting courgette in a  muffin? Well you should.  As odd as it sounds, the courgette barely adds flavour, at least in this recipe it is masked by the deliciousness of chocolate. So why use courgette in your muffin then? Well, it provides a lovely moist texture and softens the muffin. You know how easily muffins can be dry and crumbly? The addition of courgette ensures that your muffin will be a treat […]
8 September 2014
freezersandwich | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn
25 Freezer Friendly Sandwiches
  If you’re anything like me, you too will hate having to make sandwiches for your families lunchboxes everyday! Cue a busy morning of dressing, feeding and making sure everyone has everything they need for the school or work day, and making sandwiches becomes an unnecessarily stressful addition to the morning rush. And, if you ask me..it is boring and monotonous too. I find that no matter how organised I am with all the bits […]
23 June 2014
bolo baeta | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn
Bolo Baeta ( Brazilian Milk Cake)
During the world cup football, I wanted to teach my children a few things about the various countries participating in the event. Since it was being held in Brazil, i thought it would be fun to try to find a kid friendly recipe that we could bake together and enjoy as a treat. I searched the internet for Brazilian recipes that had ingredients I thought my children would be happy to eat. I came across […]
22 June 2014
Silly Spaghetti recipe, spaghetti for kids, pasta recipes
Silly Spaghetti Squares
Spaghetti,  a long, thin, cylindrical, solid pasta, is thought to have first been made in Sicily, Italy. Like other pasta types, spaghetti is made of milled wheat and water. Traditional Italian spaghetti is made from durum wheat semolina, but elsewhere it may be made with other kinds of flour. Whatever spaghetti you choose to use, I’m sure your children will love this recipe as much as mine do.   [yumprint-recipe id=’8′] This dish is called silly […]
21 June 2014
quick meals | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn
20 Quick meal ideas for fussy kids
Sometimes it is just not possible to get fancy with the evening meal. Busy days at school and work mean that often, a quick solution is needed. Here are some fuss free ideas for the family to enjoy. These ideas are both simple and quick and are perfectly suited to please fussy kids. Why not try out these meal ideas on your fussy kids and see how many you are able to add to your […]
22 April 2014
stgeorge | Toddlebabes - Learn to Play - Play to Learn
10 Fascinating Facts about St George’s Day
St George’s Day is a time to celebrate the patron saint of England.  It’s a super excuse to enjoy or learn about some of England’s customs and traditions, and also to think about knights, castles, and dragons!

Home Happiness Cake

We found this lovely recipe on the internet. It is from an old cookbook from Alaska, Out of Alaska's Kitchens, published by the Easter Seal Society for Alaska Crippled Children and Adults, Inc., in 1976.

  • 1 cup common sense
  • 1 1/2 cups love
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons mutual confidence
  • 1/2 cup justice
  1. To these ingredients, add two large portions of sense of humour, beaten separately.
  2. Spice to taste with fun and nonsense.
  3. Bake in a moderate oven of warm approval.
  4. Ice with generous appreciation.
How to Serve

Invite the entire family and enjoy a memorable time together.

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